Dragon Oil vs Burgut Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


DRG vs BGT : In Turkmenistan NBLT 2020, Dragon Oil has been positioned at the fifth place in the league standings. In the total of 12 matches participated, DRG has faced victories in 7 matches and faced failures in 5 matches. DRG has managed to score 0.583 as winning percentage. In the last match, DRG has played against Galkan, in which DRG has won the match with the score of 56-67 points. Previous to this match, DRG has matched up against Binagyar, in which DRG lost the game with the score of 91-71 points. The stats of DRG in the recent five matches are W L L L W. DRG should stay on this victory track, so that they can move further forward in the season standings.

Burgut takes the bottom second position in the Turkmenistan NBLT points table of 2020. BGT has taken part in the total of 16 matches, out of which BGT has succeeded in 2 matches and defeated in 14 matches. BGT has managed to score 0.125 as winning percentage. BGT has recently faced off against Balkan, in which BGT has lost the game by scoring 65-57 points. Before this match, BGT has played against gyrat, in which BGT has won the match by scoring 87-80 points. The path of BGT in the last five games is L L L W L. Being at the ninth position, BGT must struggle real hard to take more wins, which would help them in moving upward in the tournament standings.


Dragon Oil vs Burgut Team News

Dragon Oil

  • Eziz Mavyev
  • Parahat Saparaliev
  • Pavel Averyanov
  • Denis Zazul


  • Cyril Five
  • Shikhmyrat Meliaev
  • Davut Suvkhanov
  • Suleiman Nuryev

Dragon Oil vs Burgut – Team Squad

Dragon Oil:

Eziz Mavyev, Saparmammet Satlykov, Nariman Sapaev, Nurislam Makhtumov, Tagi Tagiev, Eziz Chagylov, Serdar Durdiyev, Nury Agajanov, Khan Hangeldyev, Ziyadin Abdullaev, Denis Zazul, Parahat Saparaliev, Ilyas Nazarov, Pavel Averyanov, Kerim Egenmammedov


Cyril Five, Rejepgeldy Annamuhammedov, Allaguly Khodzhagulyev, Ezizmuhammed Amanberdyev, Shikhmyrat Meliaev, Khadzhimyrat Serdarov, Nikita Kutuev, Davut Suvkhanov, Emirkhan Orazov, Atadjan Babamuradov, Suleiman Nuryev, Islam Esenov, Farit Eshmominov, Sultan Metkuliev, Hojanepes Hojanepesov

Dragon Oil vs Burgut – Probable Lineups

Dragon Oil:

Eziz Mavyev (PG), Tagi Tagiev (SG), Nury Agajanov (SF),Denis Zazul (PF), Pavel Averyanov (C)


Cyril Five (PG), Shikhmyrat Meliaev (SG), Davut Suvkhanov (SF), Suleiman Nuryev (PF), Sultan Metkuliev (C)

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