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Draxlr Appsumo: Analyzing data without coding can feel like you’re searching for a specific recipe with no Internet access. But you don’t have time to learn how to write complex code just to get crucial insights from your database. Luckily, there’s a tool that makes data analytics easy, so you can start exploring and sharing analytics—no matter your skill level. Get more from your database for less with code-free data query tools.

Draxlr lets you explore SQL data and get useful insights without any code for an informed and simple decision-making process. Connect to your favorite database to start building queries and organizing your data right away. Using Draxlr’s SQL code editor, you can write raw queries and conveniently switch to Draxlr’s user-friendly query builder anytime. You’ll be able to save your SQL data to build on later or export it in Excel and CSV formats.

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Draxlr Appsumo

Draxlr gives you a clear view of your data with interactive visualizations that spotlight trends and outliers. In just a click, you can convert query results into whatever visualization best fits your use case, including pie charts, bar graphs, and line graphs. You can stick these data-rich visuals on dashboards for quick access to key metrics, so you’re always on top of what’s going on with your business.

Plus, you can instantly download any of your visualizations as a PNG file thanks to the snapshot tool. Draxlr also lets you build multiple dashboards, so you can keep data management efficient between departments and projects. Update dashboard elements as needed, with the option to edit labels, visuals, refresh intervals, and queries.

You’ll also be able to share dashboard elements via URL, CSV files, downloadable images, or by embedding them directly on your website or application. Best of all, Draxlr grows with your business. As you scale, you can build on top of saved queries. Thanks to the automated data monitoring feature, you’ll stay updated on the evolution of your data.

Draxlr lets you set periodic alerts on dashboard items, so you’re notified of every data change via Slack or email. You can also finetune notifications to your use case, like getting separate emails for different dashboard elements. By connecting to Slack, you can receive data change notifications as screenshots on Slack channels. Figuring out how to analyze your data shouldn’t feel like you’re putting together a 1000-piece puzzle in the dark. Draxlr offers intuitive tools that make it easy to analyze and monitor your data, without the need for coding skills or a dedicated team of experts.

Click Here to Buy Draxlr Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Plans and Features

Lifetime access to Draxlr

All future Premium Plan updates

No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you

You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers

GDPR compliant

60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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