ElementsKit Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $49.00

ElementsKit Review

ElementsKit Review: Elements kit Elementor Addon has Exclusive features that blow your mind. Like our Mega Menu Builder, Header and Footer Builder layout library, One Page Scroll, Sticky Content, Parallax Effects, you will get tons of Premium features that you have never imagined.

ElementsKit is a plugin for Elementor that includes high-quality widgets, templates, modules, and sections for increased productivity and site performance. Build your website exactly how you like it, starting with headers and footers. ElementsKit helps you to create any type of header or footer you like for any of your pages.You’ll also have your pick of mega menus, with both vertical and horizontal versions ready to be customized with your information.

Buy ElementsKit Lifetime Deal for $49.00

ElementsKit Review

Layoutkit library

With ElementsKit we have Layout library features where over 7+ ready-made homepage available and 300+ ready-made sections available. Just click the layout icon and insert it into your site, it’s so easy to use without any hassle like importing JSON. You will get a complete native feel when you use this.

Modular based and Lightweight

Elements Kit build optimization in mind. We develop our plugin Modular based so if you don’t need any addons. You can enable/disable specific elements from the Elements Kit option panel to prevent overloading your website with Extra CSS or JS code you will not use which helps your website have a blazing fast performance.

ElementsKit WordPress Plugin Features

Header and footer builderElementor menu Megamenu builder50+ custom addonsElementor Layout PackAdvanced parallax options with SVG LibraryBackgorund image parallaxSVG OnScroll ParallaxSVG Tilt ANimation effectMulti image or SVG Mouse move effectMulti image or SVG Css AnimationElementor gallery pack. Filtreable, masonary, gridNo Coding knowledge requiredMulti Widgets area (Use any shortcode inside tab and accordions)


  • Header & footer Builder with ElementsKit.
  • Build content in Elementor page builder.
  • Use any element-widgets you like.
  • Conditional activation (Entire site, only for home/ archive/ single pages or even a specific page).
  • Build megamenu content in Elementor with unlimited possibilities.
  • Build content in Elementor page builder.
  • Use any element-widgets you like.
  • 100% responsive.
  • Add badge/ icon wherever you need.
  • Off-canvas style in tablet view.
  • *Show builder content or simple lists as submenu in tablet view.
  • Extendable custom controls
  • We have developed some Custom controls like Multi Widgets area, AjaxSELECT2 and Image-picker which can be used any theme and plugin by own hooks.

Multi widgets are specially built for using widgets inside another widgets without any hassle. We’ve used it on Advanced tab, Advanced accordion, Off-canvas widgets in ElementsKit.

Get Appsumo ElementsKit  in the Deal for $49.00


ElementsKit Menu one of the most popular and crucial part of a website. If you have a large content site or service website your first priority shows the user what you have and that’s why we always add popular links to menu.. and if you want to show with details its good to use the mega menu in your website. Our elementor menu gives you easily customize your menu and give you’re the full control to do whatever you prefer.

ElementsKit also comes with Advanced parallax options with SVG Library. Background parallax Tilt animation, mouse move effect, onScroll parallax and CSS animation.


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