Elite Learning Pitchground Lifetime Deal Available for $69

Elite Learning Pitchground: Elite Learning is a one-stop 360 upskilling solution for the workplace. It enables you to map skills, define career paths, get engaging curated content, validate, & reward learners through advanced analytics for every role.

Empower your team with 21st-century learning practices and accelerate your team’s growth:

    • Learn Personalised learning journies for everyone. Access to 1800+ skills with over 200 million curated content in videos, articles, podcasts, courses, and webinars.
    • Test: Skill evaluation and validation test to analyze and anchor skill levels.
    • Analytics: Dashboard to track progress.
    • Leaderboard: Parise, the top performers.
    • My Content: Add any content of your choice. You can build your list and share it with others.
    • Skill Pod: Create a personalized learning library for yourself or your team.
    • Admin Dashboard: Monitor company, team & individual skill progress.
    • Skill Management: To add any job role and map skills.

Click Here to Buy Elite Learning Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $69

Elite Learning Pitchground

  • Over 90% of organizations are challenged with skill gap identification for their teams.
  • Low employee engagement and course completion rates with current learning modes.
  • Employees look beyond organization LMS to develop skills. They need highly contextual, personalized, byte-sized nuggets to bridge their skill gaps.
  • Managing end-to-end upskilling for teams is critical. Organizations spend massive $$ to get various platforms, courses, content, and tools, to manage team skilling, yet fail!

Elite Learning is an AI-powered skill management tool that enables companies to map skills, define career paths, get engaging curated content, validate, and reward learners through advanced analytics for every role.

In less than 4 minutes, you can set your account, add job roles for your team, map skills they need for their current job roles, make teams, and invite them to collaborate!

Every user you invite on Elite will get personalized skills to work on for their current role, with a skill validation test to anchor their skill levels! The upskilling journey begins immediately with a curated skill path curated content built by global subject matter experts for a given skill. Access to pandora’s knowledge box! Get highly relevant content for your team, personalized to their taste, that helps bridge the skill gaps!

Click Here to Buy Elite Learning Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $69

Trusted by the best: 1000+ Companies with 2 million+ Active Employees. The most preferred tool for Learning & Development (L&D). Over 10,000 global L&D specialists, Founders & CEOs are actively using Elite for their teams.

  • The Magic Learning Box with 20M+ Articles, 15M+ Videos, 856,000+ Courses, 150,000+ Podcasts
  • Trusted by the Best: 1000+ Companies with over 2 million active users.
  • Over 74% team engagement. The personalized learning journey for every user.
  • Personalized learning: Skills mapped for every user as per their job roles.
  • 1000+ Skill Paths with over 10 million curated content by global subject experts.
  • 20 million-plus Influencer Content for over 1200 skills.
  • Evaluation and Validation tests for each skill to map gaps.
  • Detailed analytics for all users. Create teams, and assign managers and admins.
  • Certificates and rewards.
  • Add and share your content internally to bring social learning.

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