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The Eway bill is a document that facilitates the shipment of merchandise from one location to another. The paper is part of the system that aids in keeping track of shipments that move across the country. The bill must be generated through the GST portal and is essential when transporting good supplies. It carries important information on the consignor, consignee, vehicle number, origin of supply, the destination of supply and more. Read on to understand the tabs listed on the Eway bill portal, 


The ‘Laws’ tab aids taxpayers check the Rules, Forms, Notifications, and Circulars that are issued as part of the GST laws. It helps refer to the different state-wise rules. The Form button lets the taxpayer or transporter view sample formats of the E way bill registration form. Find the EWB-01, EWB-02, EWB-03, EWB-04, ENR-01, and INV-01 forms under this tab.


As part of the ‘Help’ menu, the GST taxpayer can access different options that include User Manual, FAQs, Tools and Advertisements. It allows you to check the latest news/information related to the e-way bill listed under the user manual section. It also generates templates related to the bulk generation facility available on the e-way bill portal. 

eway bill portal


Through the ‘Search’ menu, you can search for the following, 

  • Taxpayers by using their GSTIN
  • Product and Services using HSN Code or their name
  • Distance between the two PIN Codes
  • Transporters through transporter ID or GSTIN

Contact Us

As part of the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the e-way bill login page, you can find the region-wise contact details of the helpdesk.


This tab lets you undertake registration for generating an Eway bill on the e-way bill portal.

Headings under the registration menu:

  • E-way bill registration

A taxpayer must enter the GST Identification number/GSTIN and registered mobile number to enroll through the Eway bill login system.

  • Enrolment for transporter

A transporter can undertake registration on the e-way bill portal by clicking on the enrolment for transporter link. The transporter ID is sent on the registered number. It helps to log into the e-way bill portal.

  • E-way bill for citizen

For a citizen who is not a taxpayer, the Eway bill can be generated by clicking on this link. It helps directly generate the e-way bill without logging into the e-way bill portal.


This tab helps the user login through the e-way bill portal but the tax payer must have a valid credential that includes:


The log-in username comprises at least 8 characters and not more than 15 characters. It can include a combination of alphabets (A to Z), special characters (@, #, $, %, &, *, ^), and numerals (0-9).


The password for the e-way bill portal should have at least 8 characters.


Upon entering the username and password, you have to enter the code given in the captcha image. This helps verify the input before making a submission through the e-way bill portal login.

The taxpayer can click on Forgot Password/ Forgot User ID or Forgot Transporter ID in case he/she does not recall any part of the username or password.

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