FAM Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $49.00


FAM Review: If CBS had wanted to make things truly convenient, the network could have premiered Fam on the same day, rather than holding it for midseason when it has to bear the brunt of a similar review alone. Like CBS’ fall sitcom slate, Fam boasts an almost outrageously good cast, one plugged into the most hollow and familiar of premises and then fed with a broad assortment of reheated multi-generational punchlines. There is a great comedy that could be made with this cast and, despite the game efforts of said cast through the first three episodes, Fam is not that comedy.

Even if you combine those elements, there isn’t much to hang a show on here and by the third episode, Fam has already resorted to a “Clem and Nick want to have sex but they can’t have sex because Shannon is always around!” plot that proves to be as lazy in execution as it is in concept. An added wrinkle is that the Fam team has clearly seen what Chuck Lorre and company have done on Mom, so they periodically try to include emotional beats about Freddy’s failings and Clem’s desire to keep Shannon from repeating her own teenage mistakes, heavy lifting that falls almost exclusively on Dobrev.

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FAM Review

FAM Does

FAM is like having a full-time marketer who runs your email marketing for you—without the costs associated with having to employ someone for the job. FAM automates the process, taking the work off your plate while making sure it gets done consistently.

Plus, FAM is a smart email marketing tool—it uses millions of data points and artificial intelligence to generate high-quality emails for your store. These data points mean that FAM uses the most effective subject lines, images, and layouts in your emails so they’re more likely to be successful with your audience.

FAM Works

FAM is a new tool—and one we’ve never seen anything quite like it before—so you might be wondering how it works. To start things off, you have to connect it to your Shopify store (which is a simple process that takes only a couple of minutes) and FAM will then immediately start generating email campaigns for you to review.

The email types that FAM currently creates for you are welcome emails, product emails, promo emails, and Instagram content emails and they also have abandoned cart emails and blog content email types on their way out this year as well. So in terms of functionality, there are a lot of different options that FAM provides.

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Email Marketing

The best part about FAM’s system is that it’s pretty much entirely automated. The design is pulled from your Shopify store and your Instagram profile, the copy is written for you based on tried-and-true data points, and the campaigns are created and scheduled for you so they’re sent out at the optimal times to receive the most open rates.

FAM’s Pricing

At this time, FAM does not offer a free trial, however, you can connect FAM to your Shopify store and set up your branding preferences (by uploading your logo and changing any font options, if you want to) without having to opt into their Pro Plan, but you won’t be able to send out emails until you purchase a subscription to FAM.

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