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FastComet Review: FastComet is also one of the few private companies in the hosting business, duking it out with mega-conglomerates like EIG, who has the unique distinction of owning pretty much every brand on the bottom half of our rankings.

Fast Comet shut down our service without warning claiming that our app was consuming too many resources. Rather than offer feedback or a warning or a time to correct their objection, they simply terminated our service.

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FastComet Review

FastComet Expert Review

Our tests revealed that FastComet offers user-friendly features and support along with budget-friendly prices and extensive server-side perks to create a superior hosting experience. The company also ranked high in terms of reliable uptimes and ultra-fast load times. With consistent speeds and a wide variety of developer tools, FastComet is a great choice of hosting to build your website.

Load Times and Reliability

FastComet’s website boasts average speeds of 395ms, allegedly besting leading competitors such as Hostgator and GoDaddy. We were happy to see that our tests showed similar results to FastComet’s own speed assessment, with average load times averaging 405ms. As the company notes on their website, Google recently began to include site speed in their search ranking algorithms, and Fastcomet’s near-instantaneous load times set your website up for search engine success.

FastComet Review 2019

How do you feel, when your hosting company gives you the best managed hosting experience and you keep on making passive money every day? I’m talking about FastComet,  the best web hosting I ever used in my entire career of seven years and Unlike many FastComet Review with just general type contents, I was their customer since 2015 watching them growing from zero to hero, I shared about everything including pros, cons, things you need to adapt etc.

FastComet Features

FastComet appears to be taking a page out of all the world’s best providers. Proactive 24/7 customer service and worldwide servers all come together to make this Californian host a very exciting option for different kinds of users. So – we bought FastComet shared web hosting services and started the testing.

Easy setup and fast website migration

FastComet has equipped its web hosting with tools for easy launch of the new websites and transfers for existing sites. So if you choose to host with FastComet, you’ll get step by step instructions, 450 one-click installations, and 20+ frameworks and development tools.

FastComet international data centers

FastComet has 9 data centers scattered in the US (Chicago, Dallas, Newark), Europe (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London), Asia (Singapore and Tokyo), and Canada. This ensures that no matter your target audiences visit your website from, they get the fastest possible page performance.

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FastComet Performance Evaluation

FastComet promises great performance and 99.9% uptime guarantee. This leaves them around 1 minute per day gap to do maintenance and fix unexpected issues. Apart from the great uptime, we also expect the response time to average at around 200ms. We try to keep up and update the results as often as possible. Therefore, you’ll see only the most relevant results.

FastComet Web Hosting

FastComet is a relatively new hosting company, but it already serves customers in over 80 countries. It offers attractive, feature-rich hosting plans that come with cPanel access and 1-click WordPress installation, but its bizarre technical support policy may put off potential customers.

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