Feedo Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $49.00


Feedo Review:The only complaint I have is the neck, on the smallest setting it causes the bib to bow up under my babies neck and it kinda bothers her. It would be better on the loose settings/ie better for larger babies. But I think this would be the same with any brand. Also the silicone does stick to babies hair so you’re always pulling their hair

I will note that even though the listing says this is 100% silicone and free of fillers it does not past the pinch twist pull test, when you pull/push a finger into the bib it turns white. Some places it turns white and in some places its much less, but leads me to believe its not 100% pure silicone which is a bit upsetting.

Buy Feedo Lifetime Deal  for $49.00

Feedo Review

First of all, you can add your own promocodes that will be distributed to the customers that pass the quiz. It can help your business to reduce a negative effect in case of it or boost your sales with the repeat purchase!

And second feature is a Telegram notifications. You can get our bot and instantly receive push notifications when customers leaves a feedback for you!

Featured Feedo at Product Hunt

I know that it can be not a big deal for most of you, however as for me, a small web service from Rostov, Russia to enter the world market is a really big thing. So I was excited to show it to the world. As a result I got 78 votes and 25th place out of 150+ products in that day.

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