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FindThatLead Review: FindThatLead is a company that aims to contribute to the overall improvement of businesses and the economy, on the one hand, by supporting entrepreneurs helping them to find their best customers or their investors. No more prospecting work. FindThatLead scales your lead generation for sales and growth.

FindThatLead is a plugin email finder solution suitable for salespersons and entrepreneurs. The Chrome plugin is used to build prospect lists using LinkedIn and Twitter. In addition, the software also offers an email verification feature to ensure accurate results.

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I had a pleasure to talk to Gerard Compte, CEO and Co-Founder of FindThatLead. Gerard is a salesman, who used to work building list of prospects in a lead generation company. At that time, he was struggling with three major problems: finding the correct emails of his prospects, confirming that the found emails are correct, and high bounce rate.

Import from .CSV

If you have a contact base including names, surnames and company domains of your prospects, you can upload it to FindThatLead’s dashboard for bulk collecting emails. That’s a simple feature, yet it may be very useful one in some prospecting workflows.

To sum up

  • FindThatLead is especially helpful if you’re prospecting digging over LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.
  • It’s designed mainly for collecting email addresses.
  • It has a handy Chrome extension that makes the prospecting process faster and more convenient.
  • The price per contact is low, nonetheless keep in mind that you’ll be charged for each search attempt, not for a found valid email address.
  • You need to realize that FTL finds on average 43 email addresses/100 searches. Nonetheless, you will be informed which addresses on your list are 100% valid, and which aren’t.
  • It’s a young product created by a creative team at the beginning of their entrepreneurial road. The product is not polished yet, but it’s going to offer some unique features which may become extremely useful in the prospecting process.

“Better Than Hours of Digging”

Pros: Find That Lead is taking steps in the right direction to make B2B Marketing easier. Their options for searching are pretty good from domains as a whole to looking for individual people specifically.

Cons: Some domains don’t pull up in their network and they seem to lack the ability to give a full confirmation on addresses which is slightly frustrating when you pay for a service to tell you if what someone’s email is. While they are rowing the boat in the right direction they’ve still got a good ways to go.

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Growth Marketers

Get thousands of verified emails and social profiles a day for your cold outreach campaigns or feeding your growth hacking experiments. Find them, export them, and upload them to your funnels in minutes.

FindThatLead is a simple and affordable tool helping entrepreneurs and salespeople find email addresses while prospecting on social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. It involves a free Chrome extension and access to the dashboard. It uses data openly available on the web to generate emails based on the name, surname and domain of the prospect. Then, it confirms that the found email is correct, to reduce bounce rates. FTL has been created to empower online lead generation based on Predictable Revenue.

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