FK Isloch Minsk Raion vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Football Dream 11 Prediction


ISL vs ENG : n Belarus Vysshaya Liga 2020, FK Isloch Minsk Raion has been positioned at the sixth place in the league standings. In the total of nine matches played, ISL has succeeded in five matches, defeated in four matches so far. ISL has managed to score fifteen points in their account. In the last match faced off against Dinamo Minsk, ISL has been stuck with zero, whereas the opponent has managed to score one goal, which ended in a defeat for ISL. Previous to this game, ISL has played against Belshina Bobruisk, in which BEL has scored only one goal, while ISL has scored two goals, which ended in a win for ISL. The stats of ISL in the recent games are W W L W L. ISL must get back to taking more wins, so that they can move further forward in the tournament standings.

Energetik-BGU Minsk takes the third place in the Belarus Vysshaya Liga points table of 2020. ENG has taken part in the total of nine matches, so far, in which ENG has faced victories in six matches and faced failures in three matches. ENG has managed to score eighteen points for the team. In the recent match, EG has matched up against Dynamo Brest, in which the opponent has scored only one goal, while ENG has managed to score twice as them, which ended in a victory for ENG. Previous to this match, ENG has won the game against FK Slutsk, with the score of 1-2 goals. The path of ENG in the past five games is L L W W W. ENG must continue on this winning streak, so that they can reach the top of the table in no time.


FK Isloch Minsk Raion vs Energetik-BGU Minsk Team News

FK Isloch Minsk Raion

  • Egor Khatkevich
  • Godfrey Bitok Stephen
  • Pavel Rybak
  • Dmitri Komarovsky
  • Momo Yansane

Energetik-BGU Minsk

  • Artem Sokol
  • Artem Shkurdyuk
  • Aleksey Nosko
  • David Tweh
  • Jasur Yakhshiboev

FK Isloch Minsk Raion vs Energetik-BGU Minsk – Team Squad

FK Isloch Minsk Raion:

Momo Yansane, Alexander Makas, Aleksandr Kholodinskiy, Dmitri Komarovsky, Nikolai Yanush, Oleg Patotski, Evgeni Krasnov, Aleksandr Bychenok, Roman Lisovskiy, Ivan Gomozov, Abdulrazak Yusuf, Sergei Karpovich, Godfrey Bitok Stephen, Sandro Zweiba, Igor Kuzmenok, Vladislav Glinskiy, Oleksandr Papush, Pavel Rybak, Aleksei Yanushkevich, Sergey Kontsevoy, Semen Lazarchik, Oluwaseun Gbolahan Adegbola, Egor Khatkevich, Vladislav Vasilyuchek, Vladislav Kraynov

Energetik-BGU Minsk:

Artur Lesko, Denis Sadovskiy, Artem Makavchik, Evgeni Yudchits, Artem Shkurdyuk, Pavel Shorats, Artem Sokol, Aleksey Nosko, Aleksandr Svirepa, Daniil Miroshnikov, Evgeni Vojna, Jasur Yakhshiboev, Jeremy Mawatu, Dmitri Girs, David Tweh, Victor Dias, Shakhboz Umarov, Vasili Sovpel, Dusan Bakic, Junior Atemengue, Aik Musahagian, Mukhammadzhon Loikov

FK Isloch Minsk Raion vs Energetik-BGU Minsk – Playing 11

FK Isloch Minsk Raion:

Oleg Patotski, Sergei Karpovich, Pavel Rybak, Aleksandr Makas, Momo Yansane, Aleksei Yanushkevich, Dmitri Komarovsky, Nikolai Yanush, Godfrey Bitok Stephen, Sergey Kontsevoy, Egor Khatkevich

Energetik-BGU Minsk:

Jasur Yakhshiboev, Daniil Miroshnikov, Junior Atemengue, David Tweh, Jeremy Mawatu, Artem Shkurdyuk, Dmitri Girs, Aik Musahagian, Artem Sokol, Aleksey Nosko, Artur Lesko


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