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FlexClip Pitchground: Flexclip makes it easy for anyone to create professional-looking motion graphics videos in minutes without any design skills. With its simple drag and drop editor, you can create videos that look like a professional designer made them in minutes to save yourself thousands of dollars each month on motion graphics-enabled videos. You have access to thousands of templates to help you choose from every possible niche.

Rich Animated Elements:

You have a video, but it’s not engaging your audience as much as you’d like.

Most people watch videos without sound, so you’re losing out on potential engagement if your video doesn’t have text or subtitles.

With Flexclip, you can add dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, and other animated elements to make your video more engaging. In addition, their library has over 100 templates that are easy to use and customizable.

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FlexClip Pitchground

FlexClip Video Maker Beats All Expectations:

Flexclip major studio comprises four core solutions. 

Video Editor: Edit with your heart. Effortlessly cut, trim, and customize a video or search-related pro clips for various editing.

Movie Maker: Make a stunning movie for business, festivals, special events, and social media platforms with excellent efficiency and high-quality motion graphics templates.

Slideshow Maker: Easily combine your photos into a fantastic slideshow with music for any occasion.

Screen Recorder: Capture everything on your screen for free now. Record meetings, games, video tutorials, and more with one click.

Millions of Royalty-free Stock Media:

You want to make great videos, but finding the right music and video clips can be time-consuming and expensive.

It is hard to find the perfect music with video clips and royalty-free ones that are high quality. And if you do find them, the cost can quickly add up.

FlexClip solves all of these problems. It has a vast media library with 4,000,000+ royalty-free music and videos that are easy to search through and use for creating your next video inside Flexclip.

Flexible and Versatile Features:

Editing videos can be a pain, especially if you’re not familiar with video editing software.

It is hard to find the time to edit videos, but it’s also challenging to do it correctly without the right tools.

Flexclip makes video editing easy and fun. With our simple and intuitive user interface, you can quickly add text, logo, music, and color-grading to your videos. Plus, It has a wide range of export options so you can share your videos with the world.

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Easy-to-use Video Editor:

Traditional video editing software is difficult to use and requires a lot of experience.

Not everyone has the time or money to learn to use complicated video editing software. Most people give up before they even start.

FlexClip makes it easy for anyone to create a professional-looking video in minutes without prior editing experience!

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