Frase Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $79.00


Frase Review: Frase’s AI-powered tools help you easily identify the questions your target audience is asking online, quickly create and optimize content capable of answering those questions, and instantly provide answers to curious or confused site visitors.

Use Frase as a content planning tool. It’s AI feature pulls data from the top-performing content on a particular search term. Based on that information, Frase tells you how long your piece on the same topic should be as well as the relevant keywords and subtopics to include in your content.

Buy Frase Lifetime Deal for $79.00

Frase Review

Artificial Intelligence

For Healthcare
For Sales
For eCommerce
Predictive Analytics
Process/Workflow Automation
Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)


Ask any content strategist, and they’ll tell you that their strategy involves:

  1. Researching SEO keywords
  2. Analyzing competing posts
  3. Identifying content gaps
  4. Filling in content briefs

Frase Pricing Plans

It includes just one user and 30 documents a month. It’s perfect for freelance content marketers and small agency owners who work on a few projects a month.

For agencies and startups that produce content daily, the Growth and Answer Engine plans might be a better fit.

This Frase review was inspired by a special offer I received from AppSumo. You can check out this amazing deal here. If you’re using content marketing to get customers, it can be challenging to come up with new topics to write about.  Let me introduce you to a brand new content tool

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Get Appsumo Frase in the Deal for $79.00

Frase Pros

  • Clean interface and no-fluff
  • Super intuitive and clear FAQ/Tutorials (as they should, given what the tool is for… )
  • I can’t see any apparent bugs and the tool looks robust – all the features I tried worked immediately
  • Within the first minutes of use, I already know that I will be saving 80-90% of my time on the research, planning and briefs
  • “Paste Brief” options – wow, just wow!

Frase Cons

  • I am missing Google Ads scraping. You got everything you need to add “Ads Writing Assistant” feature – I hope the developers will consider it…
  • Same as a current one-click option “Paste Brief”, the tool should have “Paste Content” with an adjustable keyword count, where H2-H4 headers (including Questions) are all added automatically from the brief. It would be a perfect one-click article generator ready for rewriting or spin.


This review of Frase was originally posted on AppSumo, and since it made it to the top 3 of the most helpful reviews, I thought it’s worth sharing here as well. Especially since it became our main copywriting tool since then.
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