Freedcamp Review: Lifetime AppSumo Deal for $49.00


Freedcamp Review: Freedcamp is free for unlimited number of users and projects. Users are provided a number of basic applications on initial sign-up and can add additional applications later on. The core applications allow users to assign tasks to people, set milestones, schedule events on a calendar, use discussion boards, and track time spent on tasks.

Whereas other apps or sites might lock you into a certain type of organization style, Freedcamp allows you to switch between lists and Kanban style boards whenever you want. This way if you set up a project as a list but later find it more suited to a board, you can just swap it with one click! Personally I’m a fan of the Kanban board set up because it’s easier to see what’s currently in progress and what still hasn’t been started yet.

Buy Freedcamp Lifetime Deal For $49.00

Freedcamp Review

Freedcamp Benefits

One of the most obvious benefits Freedcamp brings to the table is that it is free to use. There is no limit to the number of users as well as the numbers of projects one can work on its platform. That said, there is a 200MB storage limitation but for heavy commercial users, that can be addressed with affordable upgrades. Setup is fast and easy and you can hit the ground running within minutes.

Freedcamp Features

Task management Subtasks Project templates Team milestones Calendar Team wikis Invoice management CRM Data backups Issue tracker Time tracking Discussion boards Shared file management Messaging board Passwords manager Read-only guest access

Freedcamp Position In Our Categories

Because businesses have unique business-related needs, it is only sensible that they steer clear of selecting a one-size-fits-all, ”best” business application. Needless to say, it is difficult to try to discover such an app even among branded software products. The right step to do is to write the various chief factors which demand analysis including major features, pricing, skill capability of staff members, business size, etc. Next, you should do your product research through and through. Go over these Freedcamp review articles and scrutinize the other applications in your shortlist in detail. Such detailed research can make sure you weed out unfit apps and choose the system that provides all the aspects you require company requires to be successful.

Freedcamp Review

A very user-friendly, warm tool, Freedcamp offers low pricing and good functionality. It also has decent storage and good support, making it a top contender for the number one spot among project management software. Check out our full Freedcamp review for the details. Freedcamp is a solid but quite basic and unremarkable project management software. It has all of the conventional makings of a great tool but does very little to set itself apart from competitors when considering its paid options. However, if you’re looking for a free task management platform, this tool exceeds expectations.

Management and planning features:

Task prioritization and scheduler: Freedcamp offers a task list system that allows you to tag relevant users, comment on task progress, and share project resources (documents, graphics, charts, etc.).Shared team calendar: A team calendar is included on the main dashboard as well as in its own separate menu selection that displays tasks, their duration, and their priority.Time tracking: With Freedcamp, you can track the time spent on individual tasks and then bill those tasks accordingly using the invoicing feature.

Freedcamp’s ease of use

Freedcamp is simultaneously easy to use and somewhat difficult to navigate. In the main dashboard, you have access to some of your most important pieces of information such as a simple task list, important updates, a project list, and a simplified shared team calendar.

Get Appsumo Freedcamp in Deal For $49.00

Freedcamp’s pricing

Freedcamp’s free version has a lot to offer, including task management, shared team calendars, file sharing, team communication, and many other options. The reason I say Freedcamp “almost” beats Podio is because while the monthly rates for the paid tiers are very inexpensive considering everything you get, the former structures its pricing on a per-user basis versus the latter’s flat rate.

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