FreshLMS Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $99.00


FreshLMS Review: Freshsales is one of the rare systems which allow calls to be directly transferred to it, and doesn’t involve any hardware or software installations for the purpose. Users won’t waste money or time migrating data to this system in order to follow the history of their conversations, assign numbers or notes to their contacts, or call them automatically. What is even better, they get to use an auto-dialer, route calls, create personalized welcoming messages, ID their callers, and track the performance of the reps who are receiving those calls.

Freshsales is foremost a sales CRM, so it is worth noting that it offers full visibility on all stages of the sales process. As you move up the deal ladder, Freshsales will make it easy to sort and filter close dates, distinguish bestsellers, and make sudden changes for all actions. It is where the system’s handy drag-and-drop navigation is most useful: in few seconds and with few moves, you can customize follow ups, analyze wins and losses, identify trends, or spot bottlenecks that have been slowing your performance down. The very same system can be used to track deals on the go and from mobile devices, find locations and fix personalized meetings with customers and collaborators, and track the age of the deal to change its stage with ease.

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Positive highlights

Healthy prepared meals, beautiful presentation, on point with nutritional value. The portion sizes are fantastic and the shipping is great with the reusable ice packs or recyclable friendly. 2019 Customer Choice Winner


Commercials show appetizing, large portions, fresh-looking vegetables and happy diners. NOT!!! In reality, the potions are small as well as the sauces. The beef tastes like shoe letter. It’s not that the meals are just tasteless but they actually taste so bad that I had to stop eating after a couple of bites. I threw out a weeks worth of food. Never again. Any food would be better than this. I now even have to resist gagging when I write about it!

Freshsales Review

Freshsales was a response to the company’s own necessity to handle multiple aspects of the sales process, and eliminate the need for users to wander around programs to get the job done. At its core, Freshsales has collated all functions of legacy CRM systems, but found its own way to optimize sales and prioritize pipeline opportunities. As president Dilawar Syed explains, Freshsales was even intended to be a dynamic analytic contributor, which doesn’t only reveal magnificent sales insights, but gives companies hints on how to use those to their advantage. That’s how Freshsales came to have all important sales performance capabilities, and is used worldwide, in particular by active Freshdesk users.

 Freshsales Benefits

Sales reps and agents certainly appreciate the possibility to see who has opened their emails, and who has ignored them. As simple as it sounds, this is still the best practice of discovering who is interested in a product, and should therefore be prioritized for nurturing. Another catchy feature is that Freshsales allows your team to send bulk emails drafted on personalized templates, schedule those and sync them with your calendars, and relate them automatically to your contact records to export all relevant information. The system is particularly selective when it comes to depicting metrics, which means it will spot all relevant details in the email without you triggering a single action for the purpose.

Pick a Delivery Date

Freshly delivers throughout the week. Your first delivery will happen on that day of the following week. I have mine delivered on Wednesdays and the box usually arrives between noon and 3:00pm CST. If you’re not home when it’s delivered, the box will keep for an additional 12 hours.

The Positive Observations

I emailed them about a meal that was noticeably off from what I’d eaten in the past (the only time it’s happened in over 300+ meals) . Without me asking, they promptly gave me credit. I thought that was a nice gesture. It made me wonder if they’d give you a credit for a meal you didn’t enjoy.

Get Appsumo FreshLMS Deal for $99.00

Freshly Different

Freshly is unique in its efforts to give proteins the glory they deserve. Its diet philosophy has its roots in the Paleo diet. It highlights the importance of proteins in regard to feeling energized and losing weight more easily. The service has done away with everything that makes a person sluggish or overweight. By that, we primarily mean carbs and processed sugars, which seem to be the cornerstone of the modern diet. More protein, combined with fewer carbs and sugar, means more energy, easier fat burning, and above all, a healthier body.

Heating And Storage Tips

Freshly does not use artificial preservatives to extend its meals’ shelf life. Therefore, you can keep the meals in your fridge for 3 to 5 days. For your convenience, all Freshly meals come with a “use by” date printed on the nutrition label. If you order more food than you can eat in 5 days, you can freeze the meals and preferably enjoy them within a month or two. You do not need to thaw the meals beforehand. Just heat them for a few extra minutes.

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