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213 Review: Do you have any close friends who are older than you are? We mean a lot older than you are, say 50, 60 years? What about your grandparents? They can make some of the best friends of all. You can get to know them better and develop strong bonds by doing fun things together. In case you’re short of ideas, here are some suggestions. is a free web application that enables you to easily build a curated web presence and save your online content in one place. This innovative technology allows you to create your own web domain in seconds and adds any web URL to it. Share blog post, articles, videos, music and more — all in one place.

Buy Lifetime Deal For $39! Review: Lifetime PitchGround Deal For $39.00 Review: So, when a friend told me about, I was very interested in learning more about it. I contacted the CEO of the startup, Rodrigo Martinez and I began to use it and I immediately became a fan. Why? I saw how I could use it to organize my portfolio and assist in my #jobsearch and how it could be leveraged by entrepreneurs and by brands to aggregate a collection of meaningful content and leverage it across multiple platforms.

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100 Smartlists  Unlimited Cards Customization of Colours and Images Customized Cards  Email Capture Feature  Call To Action Footer Customizable Default Settings  Add Links to the Smartlist’s Header  Private, Collaborative, and Follow Smartlists  Invite friends to View  Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn, Insight, Twitter Pixel and Vanity Domain  Remove FYI Branding  Unlimited Access to all Features  60-days Refund Policy


60 days refund policy.

Email Capture Feature Call To Action Footer Customizable Default Settings Add Links to the Smartlist’s Header Private, Collaborative, and Follow Smartlists\ Invite friends to View Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, LinkedIn, Insight, Twitter Pixel and Vanity Domain Remove FYI Branding Unlimited Access to all Features Get access to Premium Plan for $79, including all the features of the $39 plan along with access to unlimited smartlists.

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The best content curation and publishing platform that works by copying and pasting links. Create a personal website, promote your business and much more! Curating Content isn’t an easy task but when you have a powerful tool available right next to you, curating and creating your very own Smartlist is possible in just click of a button.

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