Gangwon FC vs Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors Football Dream 11 Prediction


GNGW vs JNB : In South Korea, K League 1 2020, Gangwon FC has been positioned at the seventh place in the league standings. In the total of three matches participated, GNGW has succeeded in one match, defeated in one match and has drawn another match. GNGW has scored four points in their account. In the last match, JNB has faced off against Seongnam FC, in which both the teams have managed to score one goal in each of their account, which ended in a draw. Previous to this game, when played against Sangju Sangmu, GNGW has lost the game by not scoring any goal, whereas the opponent has managed to score two goals. GNGW should make up an effort to take more wins, which would help them in moving upward in the season standings.

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors holds the first position in the tournament standings of South Korea K League 1 2020. JNB has taken part in the total of three matches, out of which JNB has faced victories in all the three matches. JNB has managed to score nine points for the team. In the recent match, JNB has matched up against Daegu FC, in which JNB has managed to score two goals, while the opponent has been left with none, which ended in a victory for JNB. Prior to this match, JNB has played against Busan I Park, in which the opponent has scored only one goal, while JNB has managed to score twice as them, which ended in a victory for JNB. JNB must continue on this winning streak for upcoming matches, as well, in order to stay at the top of the table.


Gangwon FC vs Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors Team News

Gangwon FC

  • Shin Kwang-Hun
  • Han Guk-Yeong
  • Kim Seung-Dae
  • Jo Jae-Wan
  • Kim Oh-Kyu

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors

  • Hong Jeong-Ho
  • Choi Bo-Kyeong
  • Son Jun-Ho-II
  • Murilo Henrique
  • Lee Seung-Ki

Gangwon FC vs Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors – Team Squad

Gangwon FC:

Kwon Jae-Beom, Lee Beom-Su, Lee Kwang-Yeon, Moon Kwang-Seok, Chae Kwang-Hun, Jo Yun-Seong, Kim Oh-Kyu, Kim Young-Bin, Lee Byeong-Wook, Lee Gang-Han, Lee Ho-In, Lee Yeon-Gyu, Lim Chae-Min, Shin Jae-Uk, Shin Kwang-Hun, Shin Se-Gye, Song Seung-Jun, Han Guk-Yeong, Hong Won-Jin, Ji Eui-Su, Jo Ji-Hun, Kim Hyeon-Uk, Kim Kyeong-Jung, Kim Su-Hyeok, Lee Hyeon-Sik, Lee Jae-Kwon, Lee Yeong-Jae, Oh Beom-Seok, Seo Min-Woo, Takahiro Nakazato, Jeong Ji-Yong, Jeong Min-Uh, Jeong Seok-Hwa, Jo Jae-Wan, Kang Ji-Hun, Kim Ji-Hyeon, Kim Seung-Dae, Ko Mu-Yeol, Park Kyeong-Bae

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors:

Hong Jeong-Nam, Kim Jeong-Hun, Lee Beom-Yeong, Song Beom-Keun, Choi Bo-Kyeong, Choi Cheol-Sun, Choi Hee-Won, Hong Jeong-Ho, Kim Jae-Seok, Kim Jin-Su, Kim Min-Hyeok-II, Ku Ja-Ryong, Lee Ju-Yong, Lee Yong, Oh Ban-Suk, Park Won-Jae, Yun Ji-Hyeok, Jang Yun-Ho, Jeong Hyeok, Kim Bo-Kyung, Lee Seung-Ki, Lee Si-Heon, Lee Soo-Bin, Lee Sung-Yoon, Murilo Henrique, Myeong Se-Jin, Son Jun-Ho-II, Takahiro Kunimoto, Han Kyo-Won, Jo Gue-Sung, Lars Veldwijk, Lee Dong-Gook, Na Seong-Eun

Gangwon FC vs Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors – Probable Playing 11

Gangwon FC:

Lee Kwang-Yeon (GK), Kim Young-Bin, Lim Chae-Min, Kim Oh-Kyu, Shin Kwang-Hun, Han Guk-Yeong, Lee Yeong-Jae, Ko Mu-Yeol, Lee Hyeon-Sik, Jo Jae-Wan, Kim Seung-Dae

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors:

Song Beom-Keun, Kim Jin-Su, Choi Bo-Kyeong, Hong Jeong-Ho, Lee Yong, Son Jun-Ho-II, Murilo Henrique, Lee Seung-Ki, Takahiro Kunimoto, Han Kyo-Won, Jo Gue-Sung

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