Gazovik Orenburg vs FC Ufa Football Dream11 Prediction


ORN vs UFA : In Russian Premier League, OREN takes tenth place in the league table. ORN has got 18 points in their account. In the total of 15 games played, ORN has won 5 games, tied 3 and lost 7 games. In the previous game against URL, ORN won the game by scoring 2 goals, while the opponent could not score more than one. ORN’s next game is with UFA, in which ORN is expected to win the match in order to move forward step by step, in reaching the top 5.

UFA is at the eleventh place in Russian Premier League standings. With 17 points being held by them, they are just one point below their opponent. UFA has played 15 matches in total, in which they manage to win 4 games, tied 6 and lost 6 of the matches. In the past game, UFA was matched up against LOK, in which both the teams has not scored more than one goal and made possible for them to tie the match. With a bit of hard work, they can get a place in the top 10. With a better planning and execution, they can reach such heights.


Gazovik Orenburg vs FC Ufa Team News


  • Key players of OREN are Djordje Despotovic, Joel Fameyeh and Artem Kulishev.
  • Djordje Despotovic, who is a forward player of the game, has scored 6 goals in 14 matches played.
  • Joel Fameyeh, who is a forward player of the team, has scored 3 goals in 12 matches played.
  • Artem Kulishev, who is a midfielder of the team, has scored 3 goals in 10 matches played.



  • Key players of UFA are Daniil Fomin, Vyacheslav Krotov and Sylvester Igboun.
  • Daniil Fomin, who is a midfielder of the team, has scored 3 goals in 13 matches played
  • Vyacheslav Krotov, who is a midfielder of the team, has scored 2 goals in 9 matches played
  • Sylvester Igboun, who is a midfielder of the team, has scored 2 goals in 6 matches played

Gazovik Orenburg vs FC Ufa- Team Squad

Gazovik Orenburg:

Aleksandr Rudenko, Aleksandr Dovbnya, Edi Gutliv, Andrey Malykh, Sergei Terekhov, Georgi Zotov, Vitali Shakhov, Saveli Kozlov, Fedor Chernykh, Danil Lipovoy, Vladimir Moskvichev, Ziga Skoflek, Mikhail Sivakov, Timur Ayupov, Danijel Miskic, Ricardo Alves, Vadim Afonin, Artem Kulishev, Evgeni Bolotov, David Bidlovsky, Nikita Malyarov, Djordje Despotovic, Andrea Chukanov, Joel Fameyeh, Artem Galadzhan

FC Ufa:

Aleksey Chernov, Yuri Shafinsky, Aleksandr Belenov, Danil Krugovoi, Pavel Alikin, Alexey Nikitin, Bojan Jokic, Aleksandr Putsko, Ionut Nedelcearu, Aleksandr Sukhov , Turgai Mokhbaliev, Jemal Tabidze, Catalin Carp, Olivier Thill, Lovro Bizjak, Kirill Folmer, Nikolay Giorgobiani, Artem Golubev, Andrés Vombergar, Sylvester Igboun, Vyacheslav Krotov, Daniil Fomin, Azer Aliev, Andrey Vlasov, Dmitri Sysuev, Danila Emelyanov, Andrei Kozlov

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