Google puts new rules for YouTube – Check Out Here


Google new rules for YouTube: YouTube has changed its terms. Accordingly, YouTube channels that upload news will no longer have to disclose their details to the federal government. YouTube is the most used social networking site in India.

Despite the recent increase in Instagram usage, YouTube continues to hold the top spot. YouTube changes its Terms of Service from time to time. It has announced a change in its terms of service on January 5, 2022.

Google new rules for YouTube

YouTube has informed its customers about this new Terms of Service change. It said, “We are going to make a new change in the terms of service on January 5, 2022. According to Section 5 of the Interim Guidelines and Protocols Code of India Information Rules 2021, even companies that publish information about news or real-time events are required to submit their account details to the Federal Ministry of Information and Technology.

Make sure you read about these updates and note that the terms and conditions for using youtube and Google’s Privacy Policy apply. Violation of these agreements may result in a warning, further loss of access to the accounts, or termination of all or part of their accounts, ”.

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