Guangzhou vs Zhejiang Chouzhou Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


GLL vs ZGB : In China CBA 2020, Guangzhou Long Lions takes the eighteenth position in the tournament standings. In the total of 34 matches participated, GLL has faced victories in 8 matches, faced failures in 26 matches. GLL has managed to score 36 points for the team. In the last match, GLL has matched up against Shanghai Sharks, in which GLL has lost the game by scoring 75 points, while SS has managed to score 85 points.

Before this game, GLL has played against Nanjing Monkey Kings, in which GLL has scored only 103 points, while NMK has scored 105 points, which ended in a defeat for GLL. The stats of GLL in the recent matches are W W L L. GLL seemed to be performing well in the beginning of the week, but in the recent matches, they are being unstable. Let’s see whether they manages to learn from their mistake and improve themselves in the future matches.

Zheijang Golden Bulls holds the ninth place in the China CBA points table of 2020. ZGB has played in the total of 34 matches, they have scored 48 points in their account. Zheijang Golden Bulls has taken 21 wins and 13 losses, so far played. ZGB has previously played against Liaoning Flying Leopards, in whichZGB has won the match with the score of 90-101 points. Before this match, ZGB has faced off against Bayi Rockets, in which ZGB has scored 96 points, while the opponent has been left with only 79 points, which ended in a victory for ZGB. The path of ZGB in the past games is W L W W. ZGB should stay on this victory track in the upcoming matches, by using their strength and potential.


Guangzhou vs Zhejiang Chouzhou – Key Players Team News

  • ing-Chun Chen
  • Tianyi Yao
  • Yuezhuo Gu

Zhejiang Chouzhou (ZGB) – Key Players

  • Shuaipeng Cheng
  • Xiaotian Lin
  • Yibo Wang

Guangzhou vs Zhejiang Chouzhou

Guangzhou: W – 2, L – 3
Zhejiang Chouzhou: W – 3, L – 2

Guangzhou vs Zhejiang Chouzhou – Team Squad

Guangzhou (GLL):

ing-Chun Chen, Tianyi Yao, Yuezhuo Gu, Marcus Georges-Hunt, Jia Mingru, Fengbo Liu, Heng Yifeng, Tian Yuheng, Kai Guo, Zhun Zheng, Kun Si, Zhanwei Zhang, Mingyang Sun, Yongpeng Zhang, Yanzhe Li

Zhejiang Chouzhou (ZGB):

Shuaipeng Cheng, Xiaotian Lin, Yibo Wang, Lei Fu, Qian Wu, Yuchen Liu, Bai Jie, Lai Junhao, Wang Zilu, Wenbo Lu, Liu Zeyi, Peng Ju, Xuhang Zhu, Yaoqiang Li, Dayu Zhang, Yansong Sun, Zhengxin Zhang

Guangzhou vs Zhejiang Chouzhou – Probable Lineups


Tianyi Yao (PG), Marcus Georges-Hunt (SG), Fengbo Liu (SF), Kai Guo (PF), Mingyang Sun (C)

Zhejiang Chouzhou:

Shuaipeng Cheng (PG), Yuchen Liu (SG), Lai Junhao (SF), Xuhang Zhu (PF), Dayu Zhang (C)

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