Hansika in 105 Minutes Record Movie: One Shot, One Actress


Hansika in a record shot of 105 minutes in a single shot! Hansika stars in a film shot in a single shot. The film is being made in Telugu Language. Hansika Motwani’s 50th film will be Maha. There is currently no film in Hansika’s possession other than this one. There is only one web series in Telugu. In the meantime, Hansika has signed on for a record-breaking film. The film is set to be shot in a single shot.

More than forty films have been made around the world so far in a single shot. There was a film shot in one shot in Tamil. The single-shot Spanish film Victoria won 17 international awards in 2015.

Hansika in 105 Minutes Record Movie One Shot, One Actress

The movie starring Hansika is titled 105 Minutes. One can guess that the film will run for 105 minutes. Another highlight is that only Hansika plays in it. One Shot, One Actress, Raja Dusha is directing this film which is being prepared in Telugu. It is likely to be dubed in other languages, including Tamil.

The film is set to become a psychological thriller. More information about the film is yet to be officially released.

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