Happy Scribe Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $69.00 at Black Friday Offer


Happy Scribe Review: There are a lot of benefits of using subtitles and transcripts in your videos. But it can be a trek to write pages and pages of your transcript and overlay it in on your videos with a video editor. But there’s one tool that can help you automate this process and save time.

Happy Scribe is best suited for video editors, researchers, podcasters, journalists, and students. Even businesses and solopreneurs that implement video marketing tactics like webinars and online courses can use it.

Buy Happy Scribe Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Happy Scribe Review

We made it easy to create teams. All the transcripts can be accessed by everyone that is part of the team through a dedicated dashboard. We also offer centralised billing for your company and many other collaboration features

Plans and pricing

Happy Scribe makes estimating the cost of transcription remarkably straightforward, as it charges purely based on the length of the recording.

The flat rate is €12 per hour, but if you use the service extensively, there is a sliding discount that starts at 25 hours. The purchasing of time is in hour blocks, but time used is calculated by the minute, so you can use it to process multiple shorter recordings without penalty.

Once you hit the last 30 minutes of paid-in-advance time, the system will automatically recharge the balance to a previously agreed amount. Credit left on the system won’t expire, even if you only use the service rarely, and there are no additional hidden fees for noisy audio, odd accents, or anything else.


Those familiar with transcription tools won’t be phased by this one, as it follows the same model of uploading audio files and then being subsequently informed when they’ve been processed.

With Happy Scribe, the time between upload and completion is impressively short, with most processing taking less than half the running time of the audio, and 20 minutes for an hour of audio processing isn’t unusual.

Where these things often cost extra with other services, here the identification of multiple speakers, timecoding, personalised vocabulary and automatic punctuation are all included by default.

Happy Scribe Integrations

Happy Scribe integrates with software to make it easy to import videos and edit them. Here are a few integrations.

  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Wistia

You simply connect your account and import your videos.


The online editor is one of the better solutions we’ve seen for reviewing transcriptions, and by default, it highlights those words that the system isn’t 100% confident.

The subtitle creation isn’t just and export in SRT format. A complete sub-editor exists where you can alter the timecode and alter how the words format on the screen.

In Beta at this time is an additional feature where it can take the transcription and convert it into another language. Only ten languages are supported so far, but this could be a remarkably useful feature if you need subtitles in other tongues.

Get Appsumo Happy Scribe in the Deal for $69.00


According to Happy Scribe, its solution is fully GDPR compliant, all data sent between the customers and Happy Scribe is encrypted using field-standard TLS 1.2.

  •  Data encryption
  • DDoS protection
  • Network level security monitoring and protection

Our only reservation about this system is that currently it only requires a password to gain access to an account, and we’d prefer that it offered two-factor authentication.

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