Hike Review: AppSumo offers Lifetime Deal to Hike


Hike Review: Hike POS is a smart and useful point of sale system intended for amateur businesses still finding their feet in the market. This cloud based technology offers everything that a growing business demands. Based in Australia, Hike is available for businesses world wide, and continues to flourish as we speak.

Hike brings simplicity and discipline to the table. Each and every aspect of your small business is well looked after. Everything is well organized at a single platform giving you more control over your business and thereby decision making.

Developed by a team of experts in E-Commerce, management and software developers, Hike is set to take your business to a completely different level. It mainly targets retail businesses and its automated processes keep you from unnecessary paperwork, hence saving you some precious time.

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Hike Review

Hike Point of Sale Software

Hike is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system that features an iPad app. It includes inventory management, e-commerce, appointment booking and sales reporting and analytics. This system supports single location retailers up to those with 101+ locations, and integrates multiple locations with a central inventory.

With Hike, all orders businesses placee (whether in-store, online, at an expo, etc.) are automatically synced to the Hike register. Similarly, e-commerce stores supported by Hike automatically sync with existing inventory, order management and customer profiles.

Hike also includes an appointment booking system, which features online booking, unlimited users and reporting and analytics. Employees can also login and access their upcoming appointments from anywhere they can access the cloud.

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How to Complete a Quick Sale in Hike

One of the first type of sales, you will want to make when you first set-up Hike is a quick sale. This will likely become your most used feature in Hike, as you conduct normal type sales on the point-of-sale system.

Below we’ll cover through the process, of completing a quick sale, and for added reference, check out the video below where you can see a quick sale on Hike in action!

To begin, select Point of Sale on the Hike Menu and navigate to the Enter New Sale screen.

How to Use Simply Hike Coupons

Shop the Sale section at Simply Hike to save up to 50% on select products. You will find more great deals in their Outlet section as well. Additional offers and coupon codes from Simply Hike can be found on their social media pages and at Coupons.com.

Edit a Custom Sale in Hike

You will be able to change any field except the product name. Of course, if you need to change the product name, you can delete the custom sale from the receipt and add a new one.

Discount Offers List View

The name of the discount offer. Clicking on the name will open the details of the discount, enabling you to edit anything that needs changing. AppSumo also offers many other deals for this Black Friday 2018.

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