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Hippo Video Appsumo: If only you could increase trust and response rates with prospects through hyper personalised video emails that have that magical human touch. That way you can start building trust at every stage of the sales funnel. The last thing your prospects need is another unread email clogging up their inbox.

That’s why Hippo Video lets you grab your prospect’s attention by quickly recording and sending hyper personalised videos right from Gmail and Outlook. Video is the most immersive format of content. We envisioned videos being used for messaging that enable senders to deliver a personal touch.

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Hippo Video

Trying to connect with your prospects via email is like trying to stay hydrated with iced coffee it’ll work short term, but not without headaches. Sales outreach is driven by connection. No matter your clever subject line, cold emails just don’t have the same touch as face to face interaction.Hippo Video is a video customer experience platform that helps you lift your sales, marketing, and support efforts.

So you can integrate effortlessly, share videos, nurture your pipeline, and connect faster with prospects by giving your team the superpower of videos all within your sales CRMs. You can also track your video emails, get real time data on video views, watch percentage, and engagement.

Click here to buy Hippo Video Appsumo Deal at $59

Use this data to send timely follow ups, qualify your leads, and quickly move them through the sales funnel. Best of all, Hippo Video lets you customise sales pages with elements ranging from company logos, branding backgrounds, and CTAs.

Personalise sales pages and increase prospect engagement by adding sales videos, demos, collateral, proposals, and presentations, making your once text heavy emails light as a feather. Thanks to these hyper personalised sales pages, you can easily drive up your sales, accelerate your sales cycle, and close more deals. Talk about a funnel slam dunk.

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