History Search Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal

History Search: History Search is an incredibly useful online file system that helps you quickly find important articles. documents, emails, and other web pages. History Search gives you multiple trails of breadcrumbs that lead you right back to the pages you need.

With automatic indexing, the text from any web page gets logged as you browse. You’ll be able to find your way back to that Super Important Website just by entering the few keywords you can recall. Meanwhile, History Search’s dynamic sorting feature categorizes search results by list or domain and lets you mark your favorite websites for quick and easy access.

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History Search

History Search Features

  • Search through past websites and documents seamlessly by keyword and date range
  • Sync your favorites and history across browsers and devices
  • Pause History Search and blacklist or ignore specific websites from automatic indexing
  • It suits best for Quickly finding previously visited sites, improving productivity, and relieving frustration.

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History Search Advantage

History Search also gives you peace of mind when it comes to your security.

It’s totally GDPR-compliant, with private cloud storage, zero tracking on data input into forms, and the ability to pause the tool and blacklist specific URLs or web service variations completely.

The handy dandy filesystem for the web

Digging up the past isn’t always the best idea (e.g. Facebook stalking an ex “out of curiosity”), except when it comes to retrieving essential websites and documents.

If you’ve ever tried sifting through your crowded browser history for that useful post from weeks ago, you know you’d have better luck finding every sock your dryer’s eaten. Bookmarks are basic. Let’s do the time warp again with History Search.

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