How to do Online Shopping safely? – Need to Know things!

In the past, we used ordinary shops a lot to buy any item. But today with the development of technology we can buy and stock all kinds of products online. Why do many people shop online? The fact that we can get a discount on everything we buy.

The number of people shopping online will increase many times over, especially during the festive season. We would have heard stories of many people going to the wrong websites and losing their money just because it was available at a discount.

How to do Online Shopping safely

There are a few things you must adhere to if you want to shop online in a safe manner. Let us now know what are.

Fact Check: Do not blindly pour your money into fake websites just because there are a lot of discounts. Make sure the website you are shopping for is authentic. Also do not click on the promotional link coming in your email and social media. Many of them are fake websites, experts say.

Website Domain: Hackers will be waiting to deceive us on the biggest discount days. They would have made a fake one just like the original website. Check if there is any spelling in the name of the website you are shopping for. Also, avoid unfamiliar emails and emails with an unheard of address.

Action Discount: You need to think a bit if they are giving too much discount on the items you buy. Do not believe it when they say 80% off for a new iPhone or iPad for example. Be very careful when getting a fake discount like this.

Counterfeit Website: When you shop online, “https” is the URL of any website to determine if the website is fake or secure. If it only has “http” it means it does not have a secure website. It will have a locked icon on the front for easy detection. It is enough to have it in the URL of the website.

Password Reset: When resetting your password, make sure that the verification link you receive from that particular website is correct. Many websites will announce numerous discounts, especially in November. When you reset your password at that time, make sure the link you receive comes from that particular website. After that, you have to click on that link.

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