How to locate, lock and delete data if your smartphone is lost?


How to find Smart Phones: It has become an integral part of our daily lives to the extent that we cannot be even a minute without a smartphone. We store various photos, videos, and more data on the smartphone. So, the loss of the smartphone can definitely not be tolerated.

To find a lost smartphone you first need to click on the link and log in. You must use your Google Account. Next, information about your mobile will appear at the top. Then enter the Google Account details you have logged in to on the lost mobile. Then comes the notification on the lost mobile.

You can know where your mobile is by the map that appears on the screen. That means it will show the location of the last place where your mobile was. If you do not have a mobile phone in the area, enable the Lock and erase option immediately. Then, your mobile will ring for 5 minutes. This can be done using the Play Sound option.

How to find Smart Phones

Click Secure device to lock your mobile. This will make your PIN number, pattern or password lock. And maybe you can send a message to send it back to you if the mobile accidentally goes to someone else.

You can delete everything on your lost mobile phone by clicking on the Erase device option to completely erase all the data on your lost mobile. But keep in mind that the data on the memory card cannot be erased. Maybe if you get mobile after deleting your data, you can log in to your Google account and get some data.

How to Find Smart Phones?

Finding with Android: Find your lost mobile with Android mobile or tablet. To do this, open the Find My Device processor. Probably not a problem if you do not have this app on your lost mobile. Log in to this processor and click Continue. Next type your name. If your friend is looking for a mobile, mention his name. Finally, it is enough to do the above methods.

SmartWatch:  Lost mobile can also be found using a smartwatch. This requires your mobile smartwatch to be connected via Bluetooth. To find out where the mobile is, click on the power button on the smartwatch and then on the Find my phone option. Then the mobile will ring as if lost. Here’s how to find out.

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