How to Upgrade to Windows 11 on unsupported hardware for Free


How to Upgrade to Windows 11: Windows 11 is an upgraded feature from Windows 10. All the Windows users were very eager to download the latest version of Windows. But there are some requirements that want to be filled. Windows 11 must be installed only if the laptop core is more than I8.

But we can download the Windows 11 ISO file and upgrade to the new feature. We can see here how to download Windows 11 files. And for this, we won’t even need a USB drive, which we did need for a fresh install.

How to Upgrade to Windows 11 For Free

  1. So navigate to the page where you can download Windows 10. This works in the same way on both Edge and Chrome. By the way, as you can see, the website detected that we are on Windows and shows only the option to download the Media creation tool.
  2. Now we can go to the developer tools in our browser. You can do this using this menu or by pressing F12 on a keyboard.
  3. Click more tools and network conditions here we can change the user agent and pretend we are on Chrome OS. If we now refresh the page, we do get the option to download the ISO. In case you would struggle with this, you can also get the ISO by running the Media Creation tool.
  4. We need to select the language of choice. Important to note here is that this has to match with the currently installed language version, or you will not be able to perform a proper upgrade. Then choose to download the 64-bit version.
  5. Again download Windows 11 by changing the URL to Windows 11 from 10. Maintain the steps mentioned above for this too.
  6. We have both the ISO files, we can close our browser and open the downloads folder. Let’s first Mount the Windows Ten ISO by double-clicking on it. In my case, let’s create a new folder on the desktop and copy all the files from the mounted ISO to that new folder. we can eject the mounted ISO with the right-click on the drive and Eject.
  7. If we have a look in the folder we created and where we copy the Windows Ten files in the Sources subfolder, we can find a file called Install.wim. This is the actual Windows Ten installation source. We will replace that file with the one from the Windows Eleven ISO instead. To do so, open a new window and navigate to Donuts again. This time DoubleClick the Windows Eleven ISO and again, as you can see, this will be mounted as a virtual CD or DVD drive. There is also have a Sources folder and an Install WIM file
  8. We need to copy that to the folder we created and overwrite the existing file, which is there.
  9. In case you would see something like this, this means there is a mismatch with the language you chose. As I mentioned in the beginning, this is not the case here, so let’s continue as you can see the mentioned version on the installer and the look and feel is all Windows 10 as we are using the installer from that version. But rest assured that this will upgrade to Windows 11 instead. This whole process takes some time.
  10. The upgrade is almost complete. Let’s log in and we have to wait a bit more. Looks like all our applications and data are still here and everything seems to be working.

Hopefully, this helps people that do not want to perform a fresh install but rather want to upgrade their existing Windows 10 installation to Windows 11.

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