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Icedrive:know more about what makes MEGA and Tresorit different from Icedrive, read our reviews on our site.Basically, with this kind of encryption, your data and login information is well protected. Only users have access to view and decrypt your data. You have complete control over your login credentials as Icedrive furnishes you complete secrecy and privacy

While some features lacking in some areas, as mentioned above, its other features make up for its inadequacy.Icedrive is still in the beginning stage, and its application is easy-to-use and straightforward. So far, there are no issues in using the Icedrive cloud storage.But to claim that they are better than pCloud

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Icedrive and Office

Icedrive can preview Office and .pdf files, but it doesn’t integrate with Microsoft Office Online, Google’s office suite or any third-party document editor, such as OnlyOffice or Zoho Docs. Box integrates with Office Online and Google’s office suite, . Read more about its productivity features in our Box review. If it’s not suitable

The Verdict

Icedrive is a capable service that probably owes its lack of features to launching relatively recently. Its most obvious plus is that it offers a 20GB free plan and premium plans that are great value. It’s also simple and easy to use, but it lacks features that’d make it more user-friendly.Plus, file sharing and syncing lack features that the best cloud storage services in our cloud storage

Icedrive Review

Icedrive is a product made with love in Wales, United Kingdom. That’s what their little footer sign says! And I have to admit it’s not hard to notice the love put into this service, especially when it comes to the security of your files. They’re using the Twofish encryption to ensure the maximum security of your files

Retrieving files

Icedrive offers a trash bin that saves all of the files that you delete. The good thing about it is that files stay there indefinitely until you decide to delete them yourself. The files do count towards the total storage space though so if you start running out of space simply go to the trash bin and permanently delete the files you don’t need

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Mobile application

Icedrive application is available for both Android and iOS systems. Both applications are really fleshed out in terms of features and are well made. As shown above you’re able to do pretty much everything that you can do via the browser. Everything from viewing the files, listening to music, streaming videos, sharing files to accessing your Encrypted folder

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