Icedrive Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal $49.00


Icedrive Review: Icedrive is a cloud storage platform for both individuals and businesses to manage and update unique cloud storage that functions as a computer hard drive. This is made possible through a revolutionary drive mounting software that imparts the functionality of a physical drive to the cloud storage. Users receive an extensive range of cloud storage applications that can be used in conjunction with a variety of platforms. Team members can easily comment and post suggestions on documents and the showcase page for easier collaboration. With dedicated apps for all leading platforms, Icedrive storage can be directly integrated into the existing technological workflows of the users. The apps are provided on all three major channels including web app, desktop, and mobile.

Icedrive is new to the storage scene, but is already showing great promise with its fast speeds and great ease of use. It has some rough edges, but you just can’t beat 10GB of free space now, can you? Check out our full Icedrive review for the details.

Buy Icedrive Lifetime Deal For $49.00

Icedrive Review

Icedrive Review

Icedrive is a product made with love in Wales, United Kingdom. That’s what their little footer sign says! And I have to admit it’s not hard to notice the love put into this service, especially when it comes to the security of your files. They’re using the Twofish encryption to ensure the maximum security of your files. They’re still relatively new to the cloud storage market but have been making swift progress with the development of various features as we’ll discover in this Icedrive review.

Pricing & Plans

Icedrive offers 10 GB of free permanent storage with a 3 GB daily bandwidth limit. That number is quite good when you compare it with for example Dropbox that only offers 2 GB of free storage. The free offer is quite enough if you need to store a few documents and a small music collection but I need my storage capacity a lot bigger than that due to the big photo collection. In which case, we need to look at their paid plans. Icedrive has 3 different paid plans when it comes to storage capacity. You can pay for them monthly or yearly. They’ve also introduced lifetime plans alongside pCloud. It is a really unique opportunity to invest into cloud storage and save money in the long run. In return for a one-time payment, you get to keep your online storage space for a lifetime. Now, who knows what will happen in 20 years but it’s easy to calculate that you will start seeing massive savings after 2-3 years of cloud storage usage.


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