India does not need a full curfew at present – Prime Minister Modi’s speech


The country does not need a full curfew at present: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 8.45 pm tonight as the 2nd wave of Corona intensifies in India. Prime Minister Modi addressed the people of the country after consulting the authorities on corona prevention measures.

By then, India was once again fighting against Corona Virus. I extend my condolences to all the families who lost their lives due to the corona virus infection. We will also recover from the current corona damage. At no time should we lose patience and confidence.

India does not need a full curfew at present - Prime Minister Modi's speech

I consulted with manufacturing companies to increase the production of corona vaccine to prevent the spread of corona. The vaccine was obtained late last year thanks to a series of efforts by medical professionals. India produced 2 vaccines due to their extraordinary work. Steps will be taken to make oxygen available to all corona patients. We have produced the cheapest vaccine in India in a short period of time. Steps will be taken to provide free vaccination to all poor people.

The 2nd wave is more furious than the first wave of the corona. He said the state government should ensure the livelihood of the migrant workers.

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