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Influence Review: This principle explains that when you do 2 things in succession, the outcome of the first thing always influences your second thing. A simple day to day experiment from the book, anyone can do to verify is — Take three pails of water, one cold, one at room temperature and one hot. After placing your one hand in the cold water & one hand in the hot water for 1 minute, please put your hand in the lukewarm water simultaneously. Amusingly even though your both the hands are in the same bucket but, the hand which was in cold water feels if it is now in hot water, and the one which was in hot water feels its like in cold.

In order to understand its underpinnings let us see a practice used by the famous Hare Krishna/ISKCON society for fund raising. In the 80’s or 90’s, many people from this society used to be standing in public places & would quickly greet passerby with a small flower like Rose as a gift and in most cases passerby fail to return it as the solicitor says it is a ‘Gift’ from our side. This is a perfect example of rule of reciprocation. Now that the passerby has received a gift so he is indebted to the Krishna’s volunteer. Now the volunteer would quickly ask for a donation and in most of the cases the passerby would not deny and give something.

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A review of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini

Cialdini defines and explains each ‘weapon’ in turn, using a variety of case studies (some perhaps now a little dated) to illustrate how they are used in our day to day lives – from relationships and politics to business and the workplace. He sets out how we often revert to automatic behaviour patterns, thus providing us with a kind of ‘psychological short-cut’. In turn, this short-cut gives our overloaded brains a break from receiving, analysing and processing the constant waves of information coming at us every day.

Social Proof is also an extremely powerful weapon of influence. Essentially, we see an action as more appropriate when others are already doing it. Cialdini cites the use of canned laughter used on a TV show as a basic example of social proof in action. It’s an indicator that tells or reassures us that something is funny because other people are already laughing. Therefore, we should do the same. Social proof again extends easily into the workplace.

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The power of peer pressure

During the teenage years, peer pressure is real and is a powerful influence. There can be pressure to dress or behave in a certain way. They may feel the pressure to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or to smoke and experiment with drugs. Teens often cave in to peer pressure because they want to be liked, to fit in, or to be respected by their peers. Or sometimes it’s simply the curiosity to try something new.

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