iubenda Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $59.00


iubenda Review: A 360 degree solution to make your sites and apps compliant with the law across multiple languages and legislations with remote and automatic updates handled by our international legal team. We are serving more than 65,000 customers in 100+ countries ranging from enterprise companies to fledgling startups. Our products include the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy Generator with 650+ clauses, our Cookie Solution, the Internal Privacy Management Solution and the Consent Solution.

Iubenda’s most popular tools are its document generators for cookies & privacy policies. However, iubenda also offers complete cookie solutions, consent solutions, and internal privacy management tools on their platform. For a website or app which has users in the EU, the first two are compulsory to have. You need to have a privacy policy, and you also need to have a mechanism through which you gather cookie consent from your users.

Buy iubenda Lifetime Deal for $59.00

iubenda Review

iubenda Review

Our iubenda review was a highly positive overall experience. By using iubenda, you can have a website or app which is compliant with international laws such as the GDPR, Cookie Law, and CalOPPA. The legal agreements generated by iubenda also contain an illustrated & simplified version, which is very easy to understand for the end-user.

iubenda Pricing

Iubenda’s pricing is based on recurring fees instead of one-time fees. The yearly discounted price of $24.30 includes iubenda’s cookie & privacy policy generation, plus iubenda’s Cookie Solution. While it’s true that a yearly payment system adds up over time, it still has its advantages.

Generate a cookie banner and legal documents (Privacy and Cookie Policy & Terms and Conditions) for your sites or apps

Alternative to: Onetrust

Customize according to your language, business, and design preferences, with instant updates for law changes

That’s why iubenda is here to help you figure out which requirements apply to your specific website or app, depending on your location and user base. You’ll also get a cookie banner, consent management tools and all necessary legal documents/features to stay up-to-date with regulations, including the super strict ones.

These documents are customizable, with over 1,300 options for altering clauses and tailoring your banners or legal documents to your business needs. iubenda works with both websites and apps to have you covered on both fronts, and you can adjust for different privacy laws by simply clicking a button if your needs change.

iubenda is optimized for ecommerce, marketplace, and SaaS businesses, as well as applications to make sure you’re in good standing with the privacy laws that apply to you.

Get appsumo iubenda in the Deal For $59.00

Stay protected and up-to-date with custom cookie banners, terms and conditions, and other legal documents, so you can focus on your business—not fines and lawsuits.

You’ll also be able to manage consent preferences in accordance with ePrivacy, GDPR, CCPA, and more—from one central dashboard.

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