Jiangsu Dragons vs Sichuan Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


JD vs SBW : In China CBA 2020, Jiangsu Dragons takes the fifteenth position in the tournament standings. In the total of 42 matches played, JD has succeeded in 15 matches and lost in 27 matches so far. JD has managed to score 41 points in their account. In the previous game, JD has faced off against Guangzhou Long Lions, in which JD has lost the game with the score of 100 -107 points. Before this game, JD has matched up against Qingdao Eagles, in which JD has scored 114 points, while QE has struggled to score only 85 points, which ended in a victory for JD. The stats of JD in the recent five matches are L L L W L. JD should use their full strength and capacity in adding more wins to their series points table.

Sichuan Blue Whales has been placed at the seventeenth position in the league points table. SBW has taken part in the total of 41 matches, out of which SBW has taken 10 victories and 31 failures. SBW has scored 38 points for the team. In the past match, SBW has played against Shanghai Sharks, in which SBW has lost the game with the score of 78-88 points. Prior to this game, SBW has played against Zhejiang Guangsha Lions, in which SBW has lost the match by scoring 76 points, whereas the opponent has managed to score 91 points. The path of SBW in the last five games is L L L L L. SBW must really try hard to take more victories in the further matches, in order to move upward in the league standings.


Jiangsu Dragons vs Sichuan – Key Players Team News

  • Hongfei Shi (PG)
  • Antonio Blakeney (SG)
  • Zhou Zhao (SF)

Sichuan (SBW) – Key Players

  • Wang Zhengbo (PG)
  • Da Meng (SG)
  • Jing Hanyi (SF)

Jiangsu Dragons vs Sichuan – Team Squad

Jiangsu Dragons (JD):

Hongfei Shi, Hong Wang, Zhang Xiran, Antonio Blakeney, Yifan Hou, Xin Sun, Liu Jiange, Huang Rongqi, Zhou Zhao, Yucheng Wu, Li Yi, Wei Liu, Yuxuan Liu, Quanxi Wu, Haoran Jiang, Xuxin Zhao

Sichuan (SBW):

Mo Mengcheng, Wang Zhengbo, Tangwen Yuan, Junlin Hu, Li Keqi, Da Meng, Zhihan Guo, Chen Chen, Jing Hanyi, Zhennian Zuo , Tianyi Hou , Zhenliang Yuan , Songtao Zhang , Yuanyu Li, Hu Linsen, Gang Yu, Qingfei Min

Jiangsu Dragons vs Sichuan – Probable Lineups

Jiangsu Dragons:

Hongfei Shi (PG), Antonio Blakeney (SG), Zhou Zhao (SF), Yuxuan Liu (PF), Quanxi Wu (C)


Wang Zhengbo (PG), Da Meng (SG), Jing Hanyi (SF), Zhennian Zuo (PF), Hu Linsen (C)


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