Joturl Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $49.00


Joturl Reeiew:JotURL is a digital marketing optimization tool that provides professional online marketers, advertising agencies, and e-commerce businesses with a single, unified solution for managing, optimizing, comparing, and monitoring all their marketing links

With JotURL, users are treated to a wide selection of powerful tools and capabilities designed to help them leverage and measure cross-channel touchpoints, optimize their marketing budget, enhance campaign implementation and performance, and improve conversions among others.

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Overview of JotURL Benefits

Better and Improved CTRs

JotURL helps you build branded tracking links, QR codes, and others painlessly and lets you track and organize your content, activities, and campaigns without much effort. The software identifies your most productive marketing sources, allowing you to fully optimize your results and maximize the monetization potential of your links.

JotURL helps you closely monitor all your campaigns and discover which channels attract the most traffic and contribute to your sales and downloads. Precious indicators such as views, clicks, conversions, and revenues tell you which visitors to target and how to reel them in. You basically spend less on marketing campaigns while raking in revenues.

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joturl Features

Link Management Tools

Backlink ManagementBrand ControlBroken Link DiscoveryCampaign ManagementChannel AttributionCompetitor AnalysisLink AnalyticsPartner ManagementRanking MonitoringRetargetingURL Shortener

RocketLink Review: Testimonials

If you are still on the fence on RocketLink, perhaps these unbiased testimonials would help you.

‘So for all of those people who deal with marketing in any shape or form I highly recommend this offering as it literally comes out the gate or should I say launch pad with so many features that it literally is something that you should get JUST because of that. Food for thought, just for reference I bought 5 codes… buy this now, think about how to use it later – it’s THAT kind of deal. If anyone’s interested I can share some of the ways I will easily make an ROI on this, until then, have a wonderful day!’ – Million Araia

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