Kamal Haasan seeks apology to buffaloes!


ADMK minister Sellur Raju, during his recent campaign in Madurai  for Lok Sabha elections  had said that the crowd that comes to see stars as politicians won’t get converted into votes and that they’re coming just to see the stars, and that even if a buffalo is made to bath, crowds will arrive.

Following this, Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan, the leader of Makkal Needhi  Maiam party had given a fitting reply, as he said during his campaigning “You had said the crowd for actors is same as the crowd that throngs when a buffalo is made to bath, but don’t forget the fact that your own party was started with an actor. There are a lot of buffaloes to be bathed, and you must definitely do that. I have never said anyone so,  and I have huge respect for them”.


He further added, “Buffaloes must accept my apologies, they give milk, they give dung, and they are useful in one way or the other. I had come to politics because of anger, and my only worry is that I had arrived a little late, but I’ll work swiftly to compensate for the delay, and have dedicated my life for this. Though the issues cannot be resolved immediately, there’ll be a solution one day.

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