Kashoo Review: AppSumo Lifetime Deal


Kashoo Review: Kashoo’s setup tools simplify your first hours with the website. You access them by clicking the Settings link in the upper-right section of the screen. Here, you enter descriptive information about your company, supply invoice details, and give information about taxes you need to charge customers. You also enter your login information for your financial institutions so that you can set up a bank feed and import transactions

Kashoo’s client and supplier records are not as detailed and flexible as those in Zoho Books, but they work well to support the site’s other functions. They contain fields for things like contact information, currency preference, terms, and income or payment accounts. There’s a history of interaction with each individual or business, a list of transactions, and balances due or owed. While you’re in an individual record, you can click links to generate statements, invoices, and bills directly, rather than saving your work and moving to another area of the site.

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Kashoo Review


Online accounting service Kashoo’s strengths are income and expense management, usability, and support. It’s a simple, speedy choice for smaller businesses that don’t need product inventory tracking or robust time billing tools.

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About Kashoo Online Accounting

Kashoo is simple online accounting software for small businesses. Available on the web and through our award winning app for iPad and iPhone. True double-entry accounting yet delightfully easy to use. Send invoices, collect online credit card payments, track expenses and sales taxes, automatically import bank transactions, and generate the reports you need for tax time. Features also include multi-currency, unlimited users, and secure access for accountants and bookkeepers.


Kashoo doesn’t have its own payroll system. However, it does integrate with SurePayroll. You can enable this via the add-on section at the bottom left of the dashboard.  Prices start from $54.99 for 10 users per month.  Once you fill in your company details, SurePayroll will calculate your monthly costs. Kashoo offers a mobile app to subscribers: it’s available for iOS only. Users must have iOS 9.3 or later installed. The app supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The mobile app doesn’t not offer the same variety of functions as the desktop version. However, you can take pictures of expenses and upload them to your account. The app can also display financial reports, invoices and expenses.

Specific Size Of Business

Kashoo is “simple cloud accounting” created for small businesses. The software features cover the needs of most basic small businesses, the only exception being the lack of a Profit & Loss statement on the web-version and the lack of cash-basis accounting. Kashoo supports unlimited users, though not multiple companies (you have to register each under their own separate account).

Final Verdict

There are many things I like about Kashoo: the basic project management tools, the iPad app, the excellent customer service, the inherent ease of use, and the impressive number of positive reviews. But sadly, my interest in the software ends there. Kashoo’s positive points can not compensate enough for its long list of missing features, in my opinion. And especially considering the recent price increase, I find it hard to recommend this software when there are more competitively priced and full-featured options on the market.

Kashoo Review – 2019

Kashoo is a popular accounting application that was designed specifically for business owner’s verses bookkeepers and accountants. Intrinsically, it is a service that lets business owners create, edit, and send invoices using different templates. It also provides users with the ability to view and track their expenses, as well as automatically imports bank transactions and generates the reports required for tax filing. It is available on the web and for iOS devices, and can be used offline, with data synchronization whenever an Internet connection is available.

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