KonnectzIT Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $24.00


KonnectzIT Review: How do you feel when you have to use 3 to 5 apps daily & perform regular tasks like collecting & updating new data, handling invoice processes, and a lot more other things on multiple times? Exhausting, right!

KonnectzIT will let you integrate multiple web apps & automate your workflow to save time, money & effort on tedious, manual tasks and which results in increased productivity.

Buy KonnectzIT Lifetime Deal for $24.00

KonnectzIT Review

World’s best no-code, visual flow builder automation platform is built for all kinds of an audience from beginners to experts. You don’t have to be a techie or coder for automating your daily tasks, with KonnectzIT any kind of complex workflows can be automated in minutes.

Connect with 250+ apps from our library and automate your daily tasks

Build and publish complex workflows in minutes using visual flow builder

Alternative to: Zapier/Integromat

KonnectzIT is built to be the best of both worlds i.e. both Webhooks & API methods to connect your fav. apps with our platform.

Also, KonnectzIT has a lot of features & 250+ apps on its library to integrate and automate workflow. So that you can save time & effort.A Pick and Plug automation platform that will let you connect and ignite the workflow automation in minutes. Easy-to-use visual connect builder is the essence of our platform to help you mind maps and visualize the automation workflow progress in a simple and accessible way. Get rid of the dull and time-consuming daily manual tasks by automating them using KonnectzIT. It is so simple that you need to connect the authenticated applications, map the fields and actions, shoot the automation. That’s it. Utilize your newly earned free time on other productive tasks.

Get Appsumo KonnectzIT in the Deal for $24.00

KonnectzIT Plans

4000 Monthly Task/Operations (Stackable)

Connect with 250+ App Instantly

Unlimited No. of Konnectz

Multi-Step App Integrations

1 User Account

Visual Flow Builder

Insightful Dashboard

Task History to monitor the progress

Top Up Tasks/Operations

Renew your Pro plan with the developer after 1 year & get the same price (grandfathered in) plus all future updates and features

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