Krisp Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal


Krisp Review: Krisp is an AI-powered noise suppression tool for macOS and Windows which eliminates noise in real time, well almost. It supports over 600 apps which can work with Krisp to offer noise-free audio. The app sits between the hardware (mic and speaker) and the video conferencing app so whatever noise is being picked up by the mic will be eliminated before it is transmitted by the video conferencing app. Krisp does all the processing on your computer so no data leaves your machine which in turn offers reduced latency. The software package is very simple and you can switch on the service ON and OFF with just one button.

If your luck is anything like mine, as soon as you jump on an important call, someone decides it’s a great time to blow some leaves off the sidewalk outside your window. 2Hz’s Krisp is a new desktop app that uses machine learning to subtract background noise like that, or crowds, or even crying kids — while keeping your voice intact. It’s already out for Macs and it’s coming to Windows soon.

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Krisp Review

Krisp, No Background Noise

When Mike Whitman tweeted for me to give a try, he said the following, “You must check out the app from @krispHQ. Impressive #AI background noise canceling for conferencing apps. Haven’t seen something this good since the original Jawbone headset.” Mike is my neighbor and he doesn’t recommend things to me without testing it out himself.


  • Helped thousands of users in over 160 countries to have stress-free calls and increase their productivity.
  • Cleaned over 5 millions minutes of noise. That makes about 10 years of non-stop noise!
  • Worked with more than 370 conferencing, messaging, streaming, gaming and podcasting apps.
  • Trended on Product Hunt, Hacker News, TechCrunch and other platform

Buy AppSumo Krisp Lifetime Deal for $39!

It’s not often I say this about a free app, but it will be hard for me to live without Krisp now that I’ve experienced it. I worry a bit about free stuff. I hate getting married to technology only have it disappear. I asked Krisp on Twitter how they were going to monetize and this was their response:

The short answer is yes. Krisp is probably the only software right now which offers noise reduction in real time that offers the product for free. It gives you pretty consistent results which makes it a strong competition for any upcoming products that offer the same service. Krisp if free to use and doesn’t have a paywall. Krisp is the best option if you want an easy way to have noise free conversations on your computer.

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