KSV Cricket vs VFB Fallersleben Live Score Dream11 Predictions


KSV Cricket vs VFB Fallersleben: The cricketing action in Kummerfeld will resume as we enter the 2nd day of the Kummerfeld – ECS T10. VFB Fallersleben will face KSV Cricket in the first game of the day on Tuesday. KSV Cricket were involved in the tournament opener against PSV Hann Munden yesterday which they lost in a one-sided affair. VFB Fallersleben, on the other hand, would be involved in their first game of the competition. While KSV Cricket would be hoping for improved performance, VFB Fallersleben would look to open their campaign with a win. Let’s take a look at VFB vs KSV Dream 11 prediction for today’s match.

KSV Cricket vs VFB Fallersleben

KSV Cricket vs VFB Fallersleben Team News

KSV Cricket Team News

  • S Azam Khan and S Sajad Sadat are expected to open the batting for the side.
  • S Kakar, S Sherzad Shah, and S Zaid Hasan are likely to follow the openers in the middle-order.
  • I Dawlatzai, S Sherzad Shah, and S Ahmad Zai are expected to form the bowling attack.

VFB Fallersleben Team News

  • S Kannan is likely to take care of the wicketkeeping duties for the side.
  • K Bolla, A Tomar, and S Jan are expected to form the batting unit.
  • V Shetye and S Kumar Muthyala would be the key all-rounders on the field.
  • S Siddiqui, K Deshpande, and R Chandra Bhumireddy are likely to form the bowling attack.

KSV Cricket vs VFB Fallersleben Playing11

KSV Playing 11

S Zaid-Hasan, S Sadarangani, S Kakar, A Jan, S Sadat, S Azam, I Dawlatzai, S Ahmad Zai, M Dostkhel, R Afzal, and S Sherzad Shah.

VFB Playing 11

S Jan, S Kannan, K Deshpande, A Tomar, S Kumar, S Siddiqui, M Badhe, S Vasisth, K Bolla, R Chandra Bhumireddy, and V Shetye.

KSV Cricket vs VFB Fallersleben Squads

KSV Cricket Full Squad

S Shinwari, S Sajad Sadat, S Azam, S Kakar, N Ahmad, J Dawoodkhel, I Khan, P Datta, A Datta, S Das, S Sadarangani, M Ahmad, F Sadarangani, D Singh, S Sherzad Shah, S Darwesh, M Dostkhel, A Ahmad Khan, R Afzan , S Zaid-Hasan, M Samiullah, S Naibkhel, I Dawalatzai, F Bin Mubashar, and S Ahmad Zai.

VFB Fallersleben Full Squad

K Deshpande S Kannan, S Vasisth, S Kumar, V Shetye, J Siddiaha, R Kaul, S Jan, A Tomar, K Bolla, Y Sajikumar Pai, M Badhe, S Siddiqui, and R Chandra.

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