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KWFinder Review: KW Finder is a popular, modern-day keyword research tool brought to life by the team over at Mangools. Aside from KW Finder’s clean – and frankly impressive – interface, it offers a one-click keyword difficulty score system as well as some unique research options rarely found in other keyword research tools.To show you the performance from a real world perspective, similar to what you are likely to experience when using this tool, I shot a quick video to showcase what KW Finder can do.

Firstly, it allows you to plug in a seed keyword to generate a list of related keyword suggestions, and even includes alternative research options to give you a different mix of results.Finally, you can trim down and manage your results with the usual filter options, including monthly search volumes, specific modifiers and even keyword competitiveness.

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KWFinder Review

KWFinder Review : Opinion After Using For 24 Months (2019)

KWFinder is the reliable and effective keyword research tool to generate easy to rank long tail keywords which I’m using for the last few years and this KWFinder review explains my experience of using their tools effectively. Before going into the KWFinder Review, let me clear you few things. Mangools is the brand behind the development of this tool. Apart from KWFinder, there are few other tools like

To Get Started With KWFinder

When you open the homepage, you will get this search box. The product claims No installation neededNo AdWords accountsInstant usage There are three types to find long tail kws. They are Here is how the results pages looks like and I searched for SEO agency Now, you can check for the last 48 months search volume and also by using trends options, you can estimate whether the niche is growing or going to dead in coming years. To load more than ten pages, just click on Analyze SERP and it will open up the SERPChecker tool which does the job of showing you top 100 results with much more data.

KWFinder First Glance

KWFinder had a pretty recent update to it. In the past, you could only use the tool to find keywords. Now you can use it to find your competitors’ keywords. This is super useful if you want to know what your competitors are ranking for. Once you know, you can gear more of your articles to take their keywords through keyword targeting.

KWFinder Vs Google Keyword Planner

Accuracy is more important than ever now that Google Keyword Planner is pretty much a lemon. In the olden days of the “Wild West”, you might do some basic keyword research with Keyword Planner and rank a site. Now, traffic is an estimation and search terms have been bundled together.

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Keyword Traffic Accuracy

KWFinder pulls their data straight from Google. And this is the same data that goes into Keyword Planner, but it’s not bundled up into monthly search estimates or parent categories. In short, this information is actually useful.

KWFinder Review Summary

KWFinder is one of those keyword research tools that eases your keyword research and helps you find long tail keywords that have low competition and are easier to rank.There are a lot of filters and other features that helps to find keywords that do not take time to rank. Check the detailed KWFinder review 2019 below to find out more pros & cons of KWFinder.

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