Leadkolzer Review: Lifetime Pitchground Deals $59


LeadKlozer is the industry’s FIRST and ONLY Facebook engagement monitoring service for INDIVIDUAL LEADS. Automatically track, organize, prioritize and respond to leads all in one place! We’re the world’s first Facebook Marketing CRM, built by and for Social Media Marketers.

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LeadKlozer has a number of live interaction, search and follow-up dashboards that collect and organize individual lead activity no matter where or when it is happening. Use our filterable search tools to see REAL-TIME interactions, top performing ads or posts and your most highly engaged leads at a glance…all customizable to your unique business needs.

LeadKlozer auto-captures your Facebook page engagements (likes, comments, replies, chatbots, messages) and Lead Ad form entries you work so hard to create. You’ll never miss the COMPLETE engagement picture for any INDIVIDUAL LEAD again.

LeadKlozer will send you notifications when it’s time to do critical things, like follow up with a HOT lead that hasn’t had any interaction for a while.


  • I love Live Tracker and Live Tracker columns so I can see engagements on my posts and ads in real time, in the way I want to see it. I can pop-up the engagement reply and move on fast.
  • Smart Score is huge. It automatically prioritizes all my contacts so I don’t have to.
  • Smart Search is such a great way to see lists of my leads based on virtually any criteria I can think of.
  • I use it to bring up all my comments from my top leads across all my posts and ads. And I keep finding new Smart Searches I like every day


  • Not a lot. I wish I could export Smart Search lists
  • I’m waiting patiently for other top social networks to come in
  • I wish it connected to Facebook groups, but I know Facebook doesn’t allow that
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