Learn To Live with the Virus: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The coronavirus epidemic is not over yet. So people have to get used to living with the virus. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson has said that despite the announcement of a lockdown, people need to act only on urgency and essential purpose.

The Prime Minister is expected to announce the plan today. In this case, the coronavirus is spreading again in the United Kingdom. Now all those infected there are only with the highly contagious Delta variant.

Britain has the second-highest number of corona deaths in Europe after Russia. So far 1,28,000 people in the UK have been infected with the coronavirus and died. The government imposed the restrictions for the third time is being relaxed a little bit.

Learn To Live with the Virus: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Night clubs have not been allowed to open in the UK. Pubs also have restrictions on services. Public performances are not allowed in full capacity.

As restrictions are lifted, the number of cases would increase but deaths have been weakened significantly. The government has thanked the vaccination program.

Britain was the first country that introduced the corona vaccine in the world last December. To date, Britain has vaccinated 64% of its population with two doses of the vaccine.

Speaking to reporters, Boris Johnson said, “We are considering giving full freedom to people. The corona epidemic is not over yet, so people have to learn to live with the virus. Despite the announcement of relaxation in the restrictions, it is necessary to give priority to life and go out.”

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