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Lemlist Discount: lemlist gets the campaign train rolling with a conversion-optimized templates and images for initial emails, follow-ups, referrals, and sales emails.Turning these templates into personalized emails can be done in just a few clicks! Say bye-bye to rewriting the same emails over and over. Once you upload your recipients, you’re gravy

Lemlist is the first email automation platform that allows you to automatically generate personalized images. You can include a company logo, company name, employee name, custom text, etc. on each image. This AppSumo Lemlist has found its use for B2C and B2B sales, marketers, and SEO link builders.

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lemlist deal

AppSumo Lemlist Deal

If you’re looking to increase your reply rate by 33%, this deal is perfect for you. Adding personalized images to your outreach emails help improve the reply rate. Introducing Lemlist is the first email automation software that allows you to automatically build personalized images. Read reviews here.*

With personalized images, you can create stronger relationships to your current clients as well as potential partners. AppSumo also offers many other important tools in the deal for Black Friday Internet Marketing Deals 2018.


PieSync interconnects your SaaS stack by syncing contacts across a wide variety of cloud-based apps.Using PieSync’s intelligent two-way syncing, you can match and synchronize customer data in real-time to ensure you have a 360° view of your customers.

While the other push data tools are great for one-time trigger action based workflows, PieSync takes it one step further and lets you sync your contact data 2-ways in real time. PieSync will match and merge your data and will sync historical data, something which Zapier won’t do.

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Leonard is an easy-to-use sales, marketing, and growth automation bot for LinkedIn.

Growing your network on LinkedIn used to mean combing through connections and sending countless invitations. But with Leonard, you can now automatically send hundreds of personalized invitation requests in minutes.

People are paying $99 a year for the business plan to have Leonard be their LinkedIn Siri. But with AppSumo, you can get lifetime access to Leonard for just $49!

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