Leon vs Tipitapa Basketball Dream 11 Prediction


LEO vs TP : In Nicaragua, Torneo Carlos Ulloa 2020, Tipitapa holds the seventh position in the league standings. In the total of 18 matches participated, TP has succeeded in 12 matches and defeated in 6 matches. TP has managed to score 30 points for the team. In the recent match, TP has faced off against Nandaime, in which TP has won the game with the score of 59-101 points. Previous to this game, TP has played against Nicaragua U16, in which TP has won the match with the score of 45-84 points. The stats of TP in the recent five games are L L W W W. TP must try to stay on this winning streak, so that they can move upward in the points table.

Leon holds the twelfth position in the Nicaragua, Torneo Carlos Ulloa points table of 2020. LEO has taken part in the total of 18 matches, out of which LEO has faced victories in 8 matches and faced failures in 10 matches. LEO has managed to score 26 points in their account. In the last match, LEO has matched up against Leones de Managua, in which LEO has lost the game with the score of 51-133 points. Before this match, LEO has lost the game against Matagalpa, with the score of 128-61 points. The path of LEO in the last five games is L L W L L. LEO should make up an effort to take more wins, so that they can move to the top part of the points table.


Leon vs Tipitapa Team News


  • Carlos Valdivia Narvaez
  • Marcos Orozco Cruz
  • Gerardo Amaya
  • Xomar Cruz


  • Roberto Rocha
  • Harold Barberena
  • Wesley Miranda
  • Oscar Ramirez

Leon vs Tipitapa – Team Squad


Lester Zelaya, Ricardo Rizo, Ronaldo Valverde, Axel Reyes Meza, Xomar Cruz, Gabriel Ruiz Vargas, Carlos Valdivia Narvaez, Kenny Urtecho, Rolando Carcamo Blanco, Gerardo Amaya, Sergio Sobalvarro, Wilfredo Barneto, Jeffrey Reyes, Marcos Orozco Cruz


Steven Quintana, Franco Chavez, Franciso Vasquez, Cristofer Cuevas, Carlos Castillo, Kevin Salgado, Terry Dawson, Caleb Davila Martinez, Oscar Ramirez, Wesley Miranda, Harold Barberena, Reynaldo Sanchez, Roberto Rocha

Leon vs Tipitapa – Playing 7


Gerardo Amaya, Carlos Valdivia Narvaez, Marcos Orozco Cruz, Lester Zelaya, Xomar Cruz


Reynaldo Sanchez, Harold Barberena, Roberto Rocha, Oscar Ramirez, Wesley Miranda


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