Lift Movie Review, Rating, Story: Bigg Boss Kavin’s new OTT horror film


Lift Movie Review, Rating, Story: What would it be like if the ghost came into the elevator that employees who work in multiple apartments in the IT industry use daily? Lift is the film that is emerging as intimidating as to why it is coming. Only two, Bigg Boss Kavin and Bigil Amritha have intimidated fans by revealing their overall performances.

Lift Movie Public Response: Here is a look at the reviews on Twitter about the night the fans watched the movie Lift, which was released on Disney Plus Hotstar at 12 midnight because it was a ghost movie.

While playing the role in Vijay TV’s Saravanan Meenakshi, Kavin attracted a large number of fans, competed in Bigg Boss Season 3 and formed his own Army. Lift is a film currently being made starring Kavin, who co-starred with Ramya Nambeesan in Nadpunna Ennannu Theriyuma.

Lift Movie Review, Rating, Story

Although actress Amritha Iyer has also acted in films including Kaali and Padaiveeran, she became popular among the fans only after she lost her role as the captain of the football team in Thalapathy Vijay’s Bigil. Together the two are awkward in expressing elegant acting in this film.

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Lift Story: IT employee and team leader Guru (Kavin) who is being transferred from Bangalore to Chennai joins the company to complete a project. Harini (Amritha), who works as an HR in the same company, has already had a bitter affair.

Kavin gets stuck in the lift and leaves the lift to get to the car and come to the same place around the car, then Kavin climbs back into the lift and walks barefoot on the shoe as the ghostly film makes Kitte come. The climax is the story of Kavin escaping from it and struggling to save Harini to see him get into the same trouble.

Kavin is very smart, the heroine is Amritha, Gayatri Reddy’s cameo is super. Unlike the recently released comedy ghost films, the film has been hailed by fans as a real horror film. Throughout the first half of the film, Kavin is uniquely cast as the One Man Army, stuck in the lift of the IT company and showing off all the reactions on his face. Criticisms have been levelled at Amritha for her role.

This movie is not good for the recently released Tamil ghost movies. Director Vineet Varaprasad has given a decent horror film. Did Kavin and Amritha escape the ghost in the lift? Isn’t it That is the story. This Netizen has been criticized as good.

Lift Movie Minus: Kavin and Amrita, who starred in the film Lift, have done well. The film is technically intimidating as music and cinematography. However, some netizens have criticized the film as too minuscule. Fans have pointed out that the film that should have been released in the theatre and that it was not as effective as it used to be on TV and that the lift film that came with the OTT release was flawed.

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