Linkjoy Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Linkjoy Review: Linkjoy helps marketers get major ROI from their links by providing social bio links link retargeting, and Instagram post links. Instagram bios only allow one link so you’d better make it count if you want to actually convert the followers enjoying your free content.

Linkjoy’s Link in Bio feature lets you create mobile-first micro landing pages in minutes using themes and customizable layouts. So you can customize the layout for your products and services to make them stand out and include calls-to-action to boost conversions.

Click Here to Buy Linkjoy Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $ 49.00


Create a clickable optimized landing page using your one link making it easier than ever for followers to go exactly where you want them to. When followers click on your bio link they’ll see your feed with clickable images that they can use to start shopping or check out your website pages.

Wanna get more out of your social media ads? Use Linkjoy to shorten your URLs and run scripts to retarget one-time visitors. Once you shorten your links you’ll be able to personalize the last part of the URL to create a seamless branded visitor experience.

Linkjoy’s real-time analytics allow you to measure ROI straight from Instagram and learn how people interact with your links and posts. Just head over to the dashboard to measure total and unique clicks for each piece of content while you track the locations of the clicks.

Linkjoy helps you do more with your one link, so you can easily drive traffic wherever you want and retarget one-time visitors. Trying to figure out which one link should live in your Instagram bio is like trying to pick your favorite Pokémon.

Click Here to Buy Linkjoy Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $ 49.00

Plans and Features

Lifetime access to Linkjoy Ultimate Plan

You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

All future Ultimate Plan updates

Stack up to 3 codes

GDPR compliant

60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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