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Logic Sheet Appsumo: Manually doing time-consuming and repetitive tasks every day is frustrating.

Learn how to use Logic Sheet to save your time and boost productivity by automating repetitive tasks in Google Sheets. Set up a single automation workflow, and let Logic Sheet do the work for you.

Logic Sheet is a Google Sheets add-on that helps you automate your work. You can set up automation workflows to let Logic Sheet send an Email notification or send a Slack message when your spreadsheet is edited.

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Logic Sheet Appsumo

What you can do with Logic Sheet Automation:

Set up triggers that run at a specific time or at a fixed interval (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly)
Set up triggers that listen to spreadsheet edits
Set up triggers that listen to form submissions
Set up conditions for each automation workflow
Send automated emails
Send automated Slack messages
Hard refresh the spreadsheet when the automation is triggered
Use merge tags to refer to dynamic data in your message
In addition to automation, you can also use Logic Sheet to import data from API or databases to your Google Sheets.

Logic Sheet TL;DR

Automate repetitive tasks in Google Sheets

Connect API and database with Google Sheets

Advanced clean and format features that extend Google Sheets functionality

Advanced statistical analysis tools

Click Here to Buy Logic Sheet Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $89

Plans and Features

Lifetime access to Logic Sheet

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All future plan updates

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60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Logic Sheet

Unlimited automation runs every day

Access to all advanced data processing features

Unlimited daily executions

All future updates and new functions

Email and live chat support

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