Loop Email Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $59.00


Loop Email Review:One user who gave a positive review of Loop Email on Capterra appreciates that it does not have a steep learning curve and is easy to use. He added that its chat feature allows for more efficient communication between individuals and teams.

Loop Email supports Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Hotmail.com, Outlook.com, Live.com, and Google apps where email services are enabled. They also support on-premise Microsoft Exchange with version 2010SP2 or higher, provided it has a valid digital certificate and is SSL enabled.

Buy Loop Email Lifetime Deal For $59.00

Loop Email Review

Loop Email User Reviews & Pricing

Loop Email is a messaging app that enables users to have chat-like discussions with key individuals and team members directly from their email accounts. With its built-in chat and customer service feature, it allows teams to address important messages and resolve customer queries together. In this article, we cover user reviews and pricing. Ready to get started with Loop Email? Request a demo.

My online office

The Loop made it into my favourite app list after a couple weeks. The app recognised who are my most important contacts and enabled me to work with them efficiently. I love the side chat on emails and the fact that I can work with clients and chat woth my team from one app. Works well with the desktop app. I would recommend it to any team that works with clients on email a lot.

Loop Email Pricing

Loop Email comes with the following pricing plans:

  • Free – Free forever, 20 users, 5 teams, unlimited storage
  • Business – at $7 per user/month, 100 users, unlimited teams and storage
  • Enterprise – contact sales for a quote, unlimited everything, enterprise API and priority support

The above pricing plans are subject to change in the near future. Loop’s CEO, Boštjan Bregar wrote in one of his blogs that Loop Email is trying to better understand what kind of value can Loop bring to the table for email users and then they will establish a pricing strategy.You can essentially use Loop Email for free at present, without having to upgrade.

Features and Functionality – 8.5 out of 10

Loop scores impressively in the features and functionality department in my Loop Email review. It offers everything you need to keep track of emails, files, team members, meetings, appointments and more.

LOOP The Email Messenger Features

  • Content Management
  • Discussions / Forums
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Management


This is where your email inbox is. All your incoming emails are found here. Loop Email has tried best to integrate its modern, simple design with that of a standard list-style email inbox. Clicking on a thread opens the preview on the right and you can read your email then and there.

Favorites in Loop Email are your most frequent contacts. You can quickly click on your favorite contacts and it opens up the emails you’ve shared with the contact in the past. You can also see who’s online from the Favorites tab as well as remove contacts from your Favorites section if you so choose.

Get Appsumo Loop Email in Deal For $59.00

“Loop review”

Overall: Overall Loop helps me be more productive with managing emails and communication with people.
Pros: I like how emails and messaging are brought together to one place. One feature that I like to use is smart inbox because it nicely groups unread mails together so I don’t waste my time looking for unread message in my cluttered inbox. For quick communication I use messages or I just loop in email and send it to chat. And all of this is for free 🙂
Cons: I create a lot of groups for different purposes and I don’t like that I cannot delete a group. I would really like to use Loop on my phone but currently android is not supported, only iOS so I am hoping this will change soon.
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