Loopcv Pitchground Review: Buy Loopcv Lifetime Deal for $39

Loopcv Pitchground: Loopcv helps you find a job super fast. By collecting new jobs, Loopcv discovers the emails of the companies hiring, sends personalized emails, and applies on the job application forms on your behalf.

For those who don’t feel comfortable applying automatically, Loopcv gives the opportunity to collect jobs and apply with a single click.

Loopcv can be also used as a lead generation tool for freelancers that want to offer their services to companies.

Click Here to Buy Loopcv Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $39

Loopcv Pitchground

What is unique about Loopcv?

It uses Machine learning and automation to save hours every day of finding related jobs, finding the emails of the companies, or applying online by submitting your CV and the same profile details repeatedly. Loopcv is the first end-to-end job search automation platform that helps individuals book more interviews and find their next job super fast.

In the dashboard of Loopcv, you start by defining your desired job title and job location, uploading your CV, and providing related keywords of jobs that you would like to target. Finally, you can also include and exclude companies in order to make sure that Loopcv will never send or apply on your behalf to a company that you don’t want.

LoopCV automates the job search and helps you apply to hundreds of jobs every week without any effort from your side!

Designed to help you find a job super fast. You only have to Upload your CV and LoopCV mass applies daily on your behalf to new jobs relevant to your profile.

LoopCV Works In 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Create your profile and upload your CV.
  2. Select your desired job titles, locations, and many other optional settings.
  3. LoopCV will search for jobs and either apply on your behalf or give you total control of your applications.

Click Here to Buy Loopcv Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $39

Important Features:

  • Send fully personalized emails to companies every day
  • Automatically apply to new jobs listed by 30+ integrated platforms
  • Automated email finder that discovers the emails of the companies
  • Create multiple personalized emails and select from popular email templates
  • Multiple parallel job searches in order to reach out to companies for one or more jobs
  • Ability to select any location worldwide and remote positions as well
  • Filtering of the job descriptions based on various keywords
  • Ability to choose the level of the job match you prefer
  • Include/Exclude companies from your job search
  • Data-driven CV and job search feedback in order to improve the keywords you have in your CV
  • Job search statistics and dashboard to track all the daily metrics
  • Ability to answer job application form questions inside the platform
  • Provide feedback (By liking/dislike jobs) to constantly improve the matched jobs
  • API available for additional integrations and job feeds

If you have limited time for your job search Loopcv is the right tool to help you automate the process. Loopcv is the first tool in the market that can help you get organized and start working on finding a job

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