Lotte Giants vs Kia Tigers Baseball Dream 11 Prediction


LOG vs KIA : In South Korea, KBO Regular Season 2020, Lotte Giants holds the second position in the league points table. In the total of eleven matches played, LOG has taken seven victories and four defeats. LOG has managed to score 0.636 as winning percentage. In the recent match, LOG has matched up against Hanwha Eagles, in which LOG has scored four goals, while HAE has scored five goals, which ended in a defeat for LOG. Before this match, LOG has played against HAE, in which HAE has been left with only one goal, whereas LOG has managed to score five goals, which ended in a victory for LOG. The path of LOG in the past five games is W L L W L. LOG should not risk taking anymore losses in the future matches, so that they can move to the top of the table.

Kia Tigers has been placed at the seventh place in the South Korea, KBO Regular Season 2020. KIA has taken part in the total of twelve matches, out of which KIA has succeeded in five matches and defeated in seven matches. KIA has managed to score 0.417 winning percentage. In the last match played against Doosan Bears, in which KIA has managed to score four goals, whereas DOB has managed to score six goals, which ended in a defeat for KIA. Previous to this game, KIA has faced off against DOB, in which DOB has scored only four goals, while KIA has scored thirteen goals, which ended in a victory for KIA. The stats of KIA in the recent five matches are W L L W L. KIA must try to stabilise their performances, in order to move upward in the tournament standings.


Lotte Giants vs Kia Tigers Team News

Lotte Giants

  • Son Ah Seop
  • Jeon Jun Woo
  • Jung Hoon
  • Min Byung-Hun

Kia Tigers

  • Choi Hyung-woo
  • Preston Tucker
  • Kim Sun-bin
  • Park Chan-ho Sr
  • Baek Yong-hwan

Lotte Giants vs Kia Tigers – Team Squad

Lotte Giants:

Lee Dae-Ho, Dan Straily, Dixon Machado, Kim Won-jung, An Chi-hong, Adrian Sampson, Jung Bo-geun, Jeon Jun-woo, Seo Jun-won, Jung Hoon, Min Byung-hun, Son Ah-seop, Park Se-woong, Ji Sung-joon, Yoon Sung-bin, Han Dong Hui, Go Seung Min, Kim Dae-woo, Jang Won-sam, Song Seung-jun, Koo Seung-min, Na Jong-Deok, Shin Bon-ki, Ko Hyo Jun, Choo Jae-hyun, Park Jin-hyung, Na Kyung Min, Kim Jun-Tae, Oh Hyoun-taek, Park Shi-young, Lee Byung Kyu, Bae Sung-keun, Heo Il, Choi Ha-neul, Choi Young-hwan, Kang Lo-han, Oh Yoon-Seok, Jung Tae-seung, Kim Geon-guk, Kim Dae Ryuk, Kim Jae Yu, Shin, Yong-su, Jin Myung-ho, Lee In Bok, Kang Dong-ho, Cha Jae-yong, Choi Min Jae, Lee Seung-heon, Kim Min-soo, Kim Dong-han

Kia Tigers:

GYoo Jae-shin, Preston Tucker, Na Ji-wan, Moon Sun-jae, Lee Woo-sung, Lee Jin-young, Choi Hyung-woo, Oh Seon-woo, Lee Chang-jin, Jang Yeong-seok, Na Joo-hwan, Yoo Min-sang, Park Chan-ho Sr, Ko Jang-hyuk, Kim Sun-bin, Hwang Yoon-ho, Choi Won-joon, Choi Jung-min, Choi Jeong-yong, Im Ki-jun, Lee Min-woo, Lee Joon-young, Ko Young-chang, Kim Ki-hoon, Jeon Sang-hyun, Im Ki-young, Hong Gun-hee, Ha Joon-young, Kim Hyun-joon, Drew Gagnon, Byun Si-won, Kim Hyun-soo, Yang Hyun-jong, Park Joon-pyo, Park Jin-tae, Moon Kyung-chan, Aaron Brooks, Lee Jeong-hoon, Han Seung-taek, Baek Yong-hwan

Lotte Giants vs Kia Tigers – Probable Playing 9

Lotte Giants:

Han Dong Hui, An Chi-Hong, Dixon Machado, Lee Dae-Ho, Jung Bo-Geun, Min Byung-Hun, Hoon Jung, Seon Ah-Seop, Jeon Jun-Woo

Kia Tigers:

Preston Tucker, Na Ji-wan, Choi Hyung-woo, Jang Yeong-seok, Park Chan-ho Sr, Kim Sun-bin, Choi Jeong-yong, Aaron Brooks, Baek Yong-hwan


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